Over half the world’s population is online, and we’re generating more data than ever. As businesses get their hands on our increasing amounts of customer information, new techniques and tools are being developed to make sense of it all. Talented data analysts are powering marketing campaigns, improving internal processes and, ultimately, boosting revenues. So it’s no wonder that data analytics is in high-demand.

To help you understand the learning pathways into data analytics, this article sheds light on the field, how it differs from data science, and the best ways to upskill in the core knowledge areas. We’ll also discuss the range of onboarding and support you can expect as you embark on your learning journey.

Launch Your Data Analytics Career

An online data analytics course aimed at helping you launch a career. One-on-one mentorship, professional guidance, and a robust community network are on hand to help you succeed in Data Analytics.

Data Analytics Schools

There are a growing number of schools providing full-time, part-time and self-paced data analytics courses. You can choose to pursue these online, on campus, or in a blended model. Once you start browsing for a course to pursue, you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice. But some of these courses are quite expensive and call for a major commitment of time. So, it’s important to make sure you understand current industry requirements, as well as your own learning expectations.

There are also a number of data analytics certifications you can earn. Most of the certifications are industry-based, so you’ll need to have decided which area of data analysis you prefer. That’s why it’s preferable to complete a data analytics course before you enroll in certifications.

We offer data analytics courses in two formats: full-time or part-time. This gives you the option of choosing the pace that suits your schedule and commitments. Below is a guide to what you can expect from our data analytics course.

This is an immersive full-time program designed to get you a job as a data analyst. The curriculum is divided into six sections:

Excel Foundations

This module covers one of the most fundamental tool required in data analysis – Microsoft Excel. You’ll learn how to use Excel and answer business-related questions by building data models. You’ll also learn about spreadsheets and their importance in business.

Storytelling with Data

This is the section where you ‘ll learn how to communicate your findings to relevant stakeholders. The most common tool used for presenting your findings as a data analyst is Microsoft PowerPoint, and you will learn how to use it for creating visually stimulating business presentations.

SQL Foundation

As the name suggests, this section will teach you the basics of SQL and relational databases. SQL (Structure Query Language) is a programming language used to communicate with data stored in a relational database management system.


In this section, you will learn to use Tableau for building dashboards for data visualization and answering business-related questions.

Business Research

Business research is a crucial part of the data analytics profession. Through this course module, you’ll get acquainted with various business scenarios, questions, and approaches. You’ll also be introduced to statistical analysis.

Python Foundation

Python has become a very popular programming language for data analytics. Python allows you to work quickly and integrate systems effectively. In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to use Python for accessing and analyzing datasets from different sources.

Capstone Project

This is the final stage of the course where you’ll build a capstone project. Your capstone project will be a multifaceted assignment that will allow you to apply the data analytics skills and knowledge you’ve picked up throughout the course. You’ll also enhance your employability and job seeking skills by take part in two mock interviews.

How We Support Our Students

At Thinkful, we make sure our courses are in line with your expectations. That’s why we’re one of the fastest growing online bootcamps. Just because you’re learning online doesn’t mean you sacrifice support and personalized guidance. Our admissions process and ongoing support includes:

Application and Fit Interview

Looking for courses online can be overwhelming. If you’re not up on the technical terms, it can be hard to understand what each curriculum is offering. Once you complete the application form for Thinkful, one of our admissions reps will get in touch with you to explain the program structure, modules, assignments, and career path offered by the program. You can ensure you have all the relevant information about the course before you commit.

Industry Acceptance

Our thoughtfully curated curriculum is highly regarded by tech industry recruiters. Most of our students get a job within 180 days of graduation. Our alumni work in big tech companies like Google, Amazon and IBM. Having former students like this in your network could help you land a position in your dream company. Come with an open mind, learn and get hired.

Learn from Experts

Data analytics as a field is vulnerable to sudden changes. So, it’s essential to ensure you’re learning the most up-to-the-minute industry practices. Our talent pool of passionate, energetic, and brilliant mentors have an average of 10 years’ teaching experience. Learn from them and be ready to enter the world’s next workforce.

Trial Interviews

Acing a job interview takes a lot of practice. Keeping calm is the secret to performing well. But this doesn’t come naturally and requires regular practice. To help you achieve this, we conduct five trial interviews throughout the course. The panel will include hiring managers from corporates to gauge your skills and problem-solving abilities. After the interview, feedback will be given to help you improve.

Job Coach

There are a lot of nuances to understand before applying for a tech role. To help you with this process, we assign a job coach to all students. After graduating, a personal coach will guide you in applying for top companies.

Start Your Career in Data Analytics

If you’re serious about a career in data analytics, you’ll need up-to-the-minute expertise that’s ready to adapt to changes in technology. It’s a broad field, and the industry is prone to rapid change—so learning different tools and mastering them is vital. Read more about data analytics for beginners before you take the plunge, or for further inspiration, check out our article about five insanely cool companies that use data analytics.

Launch Your Data Analytics Career

An online data analytics course aimed at helping you launch a career. One-on-one mentorship, professional guidance, and a robust community network are on hand to help you succeed in Data Analytics.

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