A programmer is also referred to as a coder, software engineer, or developer who creates software using any of the programming languages. Additionally the role of the programmer is fixing bugs and providing an updated version based on the feedback received from the user or client. Programmers design, write the code, test the code, debug, and maintain the applications.

Who is a Computer Programmer?

Programmers are the ones who build the modern world of computing.
For example, if you wish to control the items that appear on a phone when you are scrolling or wish to develop a game, then the right choice in your career is programming.

Compared to other jobs, programming is easy to learn. Plus, programmers can work as freelancers or work from home or anywhere.

Student story – From English Teacher to Programmer

What does a Programmer do?

If you are a software developer, you write code to create a particular application. If you are a web developer, you are responsible to design the website based on the requirements of the client, and you construct the website using the code.

• You will also be responsible for managing the performance of the system.
• You need to update the existing code and create new codes.
• You need to fix the errors that are generated in the program.
• You might be required to update the source code to enhance the application.
• You will be responsible for implementing the designed system.
• You need to provide technical support to the client or end user.

Skillset: Technology and Workplace

As a programmer, you need to learn the below-mentioned technologies.

Hypertext markup language is also known as HTM, and it is used to design the application of web pages using markup languages.
Java Script is one of the famous languages that is used by developers to design an attractive and interactive web page for the client.
Cascading Style Sheet is a simple front-end language that is used to make the web page presentable through a simple process. Using CSS, the developer can apply styles to the websites.
React.js is a JavaScript library. It is flexible, declarative, and efficient. It is responsible for building the user interfaces.
AngularJS is used for the development of single-page web applications and it is an open-source framework.
JQuery is a library in JavaScript. It is open source, and the main feature of this tool is to simplify the interaction between the document object model, Cascading style sheet document/ Hypertext markup language, and JavaScript.  The traversal of the HTML document, event handling, and animations in DOM is made easier using JQuery.
Bootstrap is a responsive tool that is used for creating web applications and web pages. It is a popular framework to create responsive web pages.
Flutter is managed by Google. It is an open-source tool used for the development of user interfaces.  It constructs applications that are stunning and good-looking from a single code for desktop, web, and mobile.
SQL is also known as a structured query language and is a database in a standard format. This is used to create, update, maintain and retrieve the data from the database.
MongoDB is a popular database of NoSQL. The database is open source and it is document-oriented. The tables in MongoDB are not based on a relational database, The data is retrieved and stored in a different format.
Oracle is a database where the data collection is considered a unit. The data is retrieved, stored, and updated using the query. Oracle is used to maintain information, and it is a database server.

The technical skills required by programmers include frontend, backend, database, and programming languages like C, and C++. Java, Python, PHP, and so on.

Is Becoming a Programmer useful for you?

According to Glassdoor entry-level programmers earn $70,312 a year. Nowadays many programming jobs are remote. That provides you with more freedom and can improve your creativity, reasoning, critical thinking, and skills to solve problems.

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