Ghost Radar Update – Winter 2016

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not having responded to comments in a while. I was offline for several months and I see I missed several questions or sharings.

I stopped using the app about a year ago, because my iPhone started doing crazy things if I let it run continuously.

It Face-Timed a college buddy, nearly texted several people (including my boss!), and mapped a route from my home to work. Opened several web pages. All while I was sleeping.

It also started causing my phone to over-heat, and I felt like my GR experience had plateaued.

So, I’m quite out of date what Ghost Radar’s been up to, and am not sure if the list is still applicable.

Please feel free to continue to comment and share. It’s certainly a fascinating app that sparks the imagination. Along with other stuff.

Best wishes!


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inner earth – for real


One more drop in bucket towards believing that anything is possible…

Agartha…? Vietnam!

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words about ghost radar


I’m fascinated by how many hits this blog gets, considering I give it so little attention. Not that it’s a huge number of hits, but this stream flows with more force and volume than my other blogs.

Even more surprising to me, most of the hits seem to be people checking out the Ghost Radar glossary. And when I get an email, it’s about Ghost Radar. Perhaps a little update on my Ghost Radar usage would be welcome.

Yes, I still use it daily.

This craziness has been going on for three years now. I’ve used it in many ways, for many things. Sometimes I feel like it’s my only friend; sometimes I feel like it allows me to connect with my guides better. Sometimes I suspect I’ve psycho-kinesed it into spitting out my thoughts. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the military is using it to spy on me. And sometimes it just seems a total waste of time.

I’m bemused to see how it amuses me now, compared to how seriously I took it a couple years ago.

I’ve uninstalled it, re-installed it, deleted it, cursed it, and yet I still keep turning it on, curious to see what comes out.

A few people have written to me asking questions about the glossary or what I think their output means. I confess I really don’t know, and I also have very little time to spend pondering that. For myself, the value or meaning I attribute to the world of Ghost Radar babble has changed over the years, and still fluctuates often.

At the peak of my GR-fandom, I recorded all the data, emailed the readouts to myself, and tried to make sense of it, trusting that there was great meaning – or at least some meaning – embedded in that strained, dull, whiny voice. I really really really wanted to conclude that someone important was communicating with me through the app. And I generated that probably-now-outdated glossary, based on what I was receiving intuitively.

Ironic: I say both that I use it daily, and that I don’t really place a lot of meaning on it anymore.

Right now I run the Connect version. (Keep in mind the Legacy version allows you to email yourself the data more easily.) That preference is pretty arbitrary, and just because it’s so ridiculous and embarrassing, I’ll share the story with you.  All versions quirk.

I got excited about Connect when it first came out: I could build the vocabulary!!!

I spent HOURS logging in new words that had significance to me. Got some cool results. Then one morning it happened. I got this:




Kinda cool, but the app had died. I restarted it, and it crashed. Over and over again.

After much consideration, I deleted the app and re-installed it.

That cleared my precious vocabulary. All that time – what a waste. I was done. For a couple weeks, I boycotted.

But I missed the random, disembodied prattle in the background and loaded it again. No, I did not even begin to re-create the vocabulary. So now, it’s the version I run because it’s the version installed.

Every once in a while it produces some interesting phenomena. I have no idea what the dots mean, or the squiggly lines. But it DOES sometimes spit out a word with uncanny synchronicity.

Like this, when the cat crawls up on the bed:


Or “LENGTH”, just as I take out a tape measure.

I let it run while I sleep, curious to see what it – or my mind – generates while I’ve checked out of my body. It’s yet to produce words that correlate to my dreams, but one morning about a month or two ago, it started creating its own notes. It’s done it twice now, within a single week. Then it stopped, or at least I don’t notice them. That particular morning I woke up to this on the screen:


Now, unless I sleep-type, I have no idea how those words got there. And yes, they were profoundly relevant to something that had been on my mind the night before. ‘VGKG’ is a person whom I know but have not seen in a long time, and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a heart-to-heart with him.

So I’ll leave you with that. It’s a quirky little app that I enjoy using, and I believe it can inspire the curious mind to expand and wonder – or wander – in new ways. As with all things, it’s value depends on how you view it. Other things capture my interest and time much more than this these days.


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Ghost Radar Moments – September 2013

Just sharing a few magical moments of synchronicity… These are screenshots from the Ghost Radar app which was running while I was having these experiences.

…at the Mexican Restaurant while saucing up the guacamole…

hot sauce hot2

…at the Beach…


…watching a little turtle climb and tumble over grass and sand…

slide henry slide


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Galactic Cosmology Lesson

Up 2 The 5th


On May 12 or 13 (2013) I got a galactic cosmology lesson… My Guides showed me an image included here.

Source is the center, that of course is the real Origin we all share.

From the center, the first ring of tiny dots are Celestial Beings, who have no physical form on any level. They have developed distinct consciousnesses so that communication with beings further from Source may better communicate towards Source, through these Celestials.

Next, moving in an outwards direction, are rings of light. These represent the Divine Matrix, where all manifestation becomes possible. Although this field is free from individuation, it is powerful, almost beyond comprehension.

Beyond the Divine Matrix, the ring of larger, transparent dots represent Astral Beings such as Angels.

Outwards from the Angels, the ring of smaller, more opaque dots, represent the progression of Individuated Beings, into greater and greater density. These…

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Abiquor, Athabantian, Dragons, Lamas, Kachinas and Secrets

(from Teo’Na and Fa)

You want to know more. We have been waiting on Earliest Remaining Surface Residents to step forward in a new way, but they are waiting. Very well.

Please visualize Gaia/Terra/Earth as a collection of simultaneously-occurring spheres, approximately coincident in location, on a variety of “dimensions”.

Try to see this without using words. Music may be helpful. Think of musical chords and notes.

If you feel you need images, picture glass spheres, especially Witches Balls.

Now visualize that one sphere may host a world the size of a snow flake. One may be the size of a galaxy, or larger. Ranging from marbles to bubbles to globes to planets… All sizes you can comprehend. Each fills the same amount of “space”, even though they appear to be different “sizes”. Wrap your mind around this.

Now understand that each sphere has a story accompanying it. Each story is written by a different author, and many are in different languages. Some share languages and characters. Some run similar plot lines.

Additionally, each story has been developed into a screenplay. And each screenplay has been produced as a movie. And each movie has been reviewed by many – perhaps countless – critics. (Think religion and culture.) And each movie has many sequels. And remakes. Over and over and over again.

Until you finally get bored. Again.

Now imagine that within each sphere, each world, there are connecting windows or portals. And some beings are able to jump from one world/dimension/movie to another.

Think about this for a while, and remember that productions usually run more smoothly when the cast works together.

Right now we EACH think its our scene, our cue, our soliloquy. OURS. Watch out, listen out. You may miss something while others recite their lines at the same time.

Abiquor is both vast beyond imagining, and small enough to fit into a single night’s dream. Dragons are simultaneously extinct, hiding, imaginary, and your alter selves.

Can you permit yourself to envision dragons soaring alongside Athabantian? Or Heruka dancing with Crow Mother Maiden? Can you sit in the Crystallarium at Abiquor and then return to your bed, to realize it is the size of the Universe?

Can you begin to understand what that flock of birds is saying to you – yes, YOU – and answer them? Are you willing to notice the colors that your MIND has trained your brain NOT to see? Can you relax enough to allow the flood of images (you constantly perceive) to wash your reality when you close your eyes? Better yet, even when your eyes are “open”? (Which means they are “really” just filtering more aggressively…)

Accomplish these realizations and the world will be your oyster. Literally.

Until then, all worlds will seem separate, and your doubts will rule your perceptions.


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I’wah: Destiny As A Workforce


(Message from Teo’Na, about I’wah)

Delivering difficult messages, a little at a time. All is fluid, all is inter-dimensional. Cryptic messages ease us into understanding. The love and light that we send eases the transitions.

Gaia/Terra/Earth will shake herself of the dust, more gently if we ask for that. This just takes more “time”.

Those who are able to pass through the veil (“fence marked by the bat”) will be able to move with I’wah into the next realm.

(Leslee’s comments: The energies of the past few days have been very quiet yet intense… Hints of how the world is shifting. I understand this message to be about what is coming, with links to Hopi wisdom and Inner Earth connections. The stronger our internal connection and clarity, the better we will be able to follow signs that lead us where we wish to go. Refuge exists, spanning multiple dimensions.)

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Adrial: Nibiru, Tiamat, Earth and Creator Gods

(This post consolidates material that Adrial gave while answering questions from Vlad Kudin.)

Adrial confirms your understanding, that Athabantian and Nibiru are closely related. Nibiru is a planetoid ship/station, comparable in size to a small planet or asteroid, and is composed of remains from Tiamat. Athabantian manifests in conjunction with Nibiru, yet vibrates at a higher frequency than Nibiru. You might say that their “spatial locations” overlap, and they are able to do this because they are in different dimensions. However, please note than Athabantian is smaller than Nibiru, and if Athabantian were to manifest in 3D, she would approximately fill the hollow inside Nibiru.
Gaia/Terra/Earth formed her body partly from debris from the destruction of Tiamat. However, it may help to explain further that this matter was, at the time of Gaia’s creation, in very elemental particles of matter AND energy. Gaia also drew into herself matter and energy from other sources. This additional matter and energy came mostly from other dimensions, and were not involved in the destructive conflict that had occurred. Gaia used them to bless and purify the body she was forming. Crystals, which may be found in and upon Gaia, express this action of cleansing, blessing and protecting, which Gaia takes for herself.
This is why crystals offer such powerful healing and cleansing energy. Sometimes crystals form over long periods of time, when Gaia finds the need gradually to insert light where is it lacking. However, Gaia can also form crystals instantaneously, when an immediate influx of light will manifest, to balance the light throughout her body.
So, to answer your question precisely, Earth includes components of Tiamat, but also includes ingredients from other sources.

Humanoid species come and go on Earth with great frequency, especially in 3D (the more concrete, physical dimension). The list you mention is a small subset of those who have appeared over the millennia.


The collections of depictions you mention are all valid sources of examples of humanoids on Earth. Some of them originated at other locations off-planet and traveled to Earth, and some were created or manifested themselves into bodies here on Earth as their origin.


On this page is an explanation of the relationship between Godhead and Creator Gods:

This may help explain why it’s not possible to give a precise physical location for the Creator Gods. They are multiple, and have varying degrees of interest in the well-being and happiness of their creations. Therefore, it is a particular characteristic of 3D existence on Earth that some of the gods created and abandoned beings, or created for the entertainment of watching beings struggle. Some gods which are capable of creation have quite cruel and distorted views of how to conduct themselves, and how to take responsibility for their creations. Other wish to grant life to beings in order to allow others to experience joy and physical pleasure. Very few of the Creator Gods concern themselves with beings they did not create, and even fewer wish to help those that they do not consider “theirs”.


This has led to much confusion in this world. Some creator gods are benevolent, and some are not. Most gods tend to wish for their creations to consider them (the gods) as being all-powerful and all-knowing. In this posture, they are seldom likely to refer to one another (the gods) to humans, because that might expose the limits of their knowledge, wisdom, and power.


As physical beings develop mentally and spiritually, they can break out of this predicament. Humans, animals, plants – all forms of life – possess the potential to overcome the domination that their Creator Gods may wish to exert over them. This requires effort and discipline, and may take many lifetimes.


This is the same as saying that beings arising from an Oversoul (that may have less-than-enlightened intentions) have the potential to surpass their Oversoul in development and vibration. This requires first that the being develops an awareness of its situation and relationship to the Oversoul (or Creator God). Then the being usually must search diligently for solutions and methods to attain the desired “separation”, and THEN the “work” must continue until “liberation” is accomplished.


If a being understands that he/she experiences multiple lifetimes, and ULTIMATELY arises from Source (and not another being which controls them), this insight can be integrated into the mental continuum so that the work of finding “freedom” may continue from lifetime to lifetime.


Beings and objects exist on Earth that manifested themselves into physical form from higher-vibratory dimensions. They appear through a combination of mental intention and focus, having learned to manipulate matter and energy in this physical sphere. This type of being or object is relatively new on Earth, and more appear and prepare as the planet moves closer to her moment of Ascension into 5D.


You asked about the famines that occurred in the Ukraine and other areas in the early decades of the 20th century. This period of time and place is a particularly poignant example of how certain Creator Gods may allow or cause suffering to their own “offspring”. In this case, certain gods (which We will not name here) simply became bored and wished for a clean slate to play with. It is a travesty that such events occurred on this beautiful, magnificent planet, and particularly in such a powerful and magical location in her body.


When this type of abandonment occurs, it is inappropriate to apply the explanation that some might call the “Law of Karma”. Although it may be that some of the beings affected had, themselves, performed negative actions, the vastness of this wave of distress was amplified by the neglect of the Creator Gods in question.


A further misfortune is that many in these regions of Gaia, still reeling from the decades and perhaps lifetimes of suffering, may perceive that the treatment they experienced is typical of life on Gaia, and especially life under the “control” of a “God”. This is one reason why many in certain regions of Gaia are inclined to disbelieve in gods or angelic beings.


However, humankind continues to search for understanding and explanations, even in the face of intense challenge and pain. This led many to turn to science or to leave the area (or planet).


A scientific approach may offer solace when the world seems cruel and pointless. However, if a “scientific” inquiring mind combines with a level of intuition that propels one towards looking beyond the physical realm (into the spiritual), tremendous insights and healing may occur.


You asked about the Quarantine of Earth. The removal of the quarantine depends upon the combined actions and intentions of all being on Earth. The desire for retaliation is a prime example of a mental and emotional state that ensures the quarantine will continue. Once emotions and thoughts based on fear and hatred disappear, it will be safe for the people of Earth to share and experience the higher-frequency realms. The quarantine was established, and is maintained, according to humankind’s intentions.


Once the balance of intention becomes predominately of the Light, then we may allow the weight of the quarantine to shift. For now, there are many powerful nodes of Light that radiate broadly throughout the planet and her vicinity. These are currently holding their vibration and escalating. The more people focus on love, compassion, acceptance, kindness and forgiveness, the closer Earth comes to lifting the quarantine.


Gaia also has her own terms for allowing activities within and around her body. This is distinct from the quarantine that is imposed by beings who inhabit the Universe. Although in these times many “natural” phenomena are man-made, Gaia still wields the capacity to “dust off herself” as she wishes. This decision is hers alone, as the sovereign of her own body, just as a human may choose to brush a mosquito off its arm.


These events related to one another because they are all the results of Earth-based technology and negative intention. (Message to Leslee and others who are interested:) We would ask you to focus on visualizing healing in these locations rather than digging for the particulars of the events. We prefer not to go into further detail here. Many other similar events have occurred on Earth in this century, and all merit vast amounts of clearing and healing energy.


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Update on New Posts

I’ve been publishing my old GR records, since I hadn’t added any since May 2012…

I began with “posts”, but realized I’d rather they were pages… So the new posts have been deleted, but you can find the same info on pages in the Archives, under the Ghost Radar tab/page.

Sorry for any confusion!

These links will take you to the new pages:

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

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