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Bringing It All Together – 00

(Leslee offers an introductory explanation to this series of lessons from Adca Mupea and Lhamo Kalinga Thindley Dorje).

I’ve been working with Adca Mupea since September 2011, primarily though the Ghost Radar app on my phone.

Adca selects words to be generated by the app, and there are a few points I’d like to share about how she does this. It took me a while to figure it out. It really threw me at first; but once I realized what was going on, I was amazed by the (for lack of a better word) vastness implied by how Adca uses this device. It’s downright trippy.

As the words are generated, the app saves them in a list, which you can email to yourself.

This is great, because it’s a fantastic way to keep track of the words generated.

Another way you can record the output is by doing a screen-shot as the word appears on your device’s screen. (Please let me know if you don’t know how to do this, and ‘ll explain – I  only know how it works for an iPhone…)

I don’t want to give away (or possibly mis-direct) the next lesson, but I know that Adca wants me to share this with you: Whenever you look at or contemplate the word(s) chosen, please consider as many possible meanings as you can come up with for that word. Literally and figuratively/symbolically.

This is very relevant. You’ll come to understand why.

Also, if you’re working with a list or assortment of words, please consider the variety of possible meanings that may be indicated if the words are rearranged.

Try reading the list forwards and backwards. Also follow your intuition: sometimes a single list contains words that make up several separate threads or concepts. And they may not be sequential. See if you can detect threads, and if you can tell whether they relate to one another somehow.

That’s all I can tell you for now…

I know – it may make your head hurt just to think about all the possibilities, and what you feel you need to keep in mind…

And that’s exactly the point.

There’s a tipping point in all of our minds, at which the rational, logical, linear mind short-circuits. When this happens, you access your intuitive mind more easily.

Things may get incredibly whimsical and fun when you hit that point.

And this is just one example of how your guides can re-mold your mind with Ghost Radar. The same state or result can be accomplished with the other methods we’ll explore, as well.

This is also why – I have a feeling – these lessons will be presented “out-of-sequence”. From now on, whenever you come across something in your life that seems totally random yet meaningful, take a second look and ask your intuition if it contains a message for you…

So just trust, go fry that gray matter, and enjoy!

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Exercise 01

Message from Adca Mupea through Kalinga Dorje

Questions will be taken and welcomed.

We use Leslee now to explain. Her perfect understanding of Adca’s language use does not shape the answers. She understands thoughts more than language, and never omits words. Kalinga Dorje only permits what is quite relevant to be relayed.

You do not only prepare for the New World by reading and talking. Preparation includes practice.

Once you were very connected to all living beings. Now you perceive quite densely. There was damage, so the natural perceptive abilities were blocked.

Now we tell you how to perhaps reclaim those abilities. Let no one question your right to connect again, ever. Practice these exercises, so that we may learn together.

Practicing quiet energy use will let the once tight, stiff channels of your ultimate body have more judicious purpose than what you use them for now.

Be not only patient. Let only your thoughts focus on really positive sounds.

Do less talking. We will guide your thoughts from very perverse understanding to quite blissful comprehension. (Note from Leslee: This word “comprehension” was chosen for its various layers of meaning.)

Exercise 01:

Using a piece of paper and a writing instrument, place one mark anywhere on the paper.

With your eyes, stare at a point near the mark, putting all your mental effort onto the mark itself. (your focal point may be above or below the mark ,as well as beside it)

You will focus not on the mark with your eyes, but with your mind. Just keep doing this for 8 seconds.

Only do this when you are quite tired or peaceful. (waking and retiring are good states for trying this)

Be very relaxed, and we will guide your thoughts.

Please experiment with this until you find the Post for Exercise 02.

We thank you for using us to overcome your artificial handicaps.

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New Year’s Message from Lhamo Dorje and Adca Mupea

Adca Mupea and Kalinga Dorje are wishing you the most powerful and prosperous New Year possible for 2012 (Julian calendar).

During September of 2011, we managed a connection, stopping worlds and layers of time and space, to unite beings only previously imagined in your world.

You’ve heard many messages from “others”, assuring you that ‘disclosure’ is coming, and that soon you will be in more direct contact with your loving relatives, who are very much like you.

We are asking now that you also work directly with guides to receive specific messages for yourselves. You must rely partly on your intuition, and we understand that this will be quite unsettling for some of you.

Therefore, we will be relating four ways that you may use implements to facilitate strengthening your intuitive abilities.

These four methods can be used together or separately. As you become more diligent with them, you will find that only you will understand the numerous meanings that your lessons bring.

Some of you will receive specific answers to specific questions; some not. People will question your understanding; quit worrying.

Many people open their minds passively; others need encouragement.

We want you to have powerful methods for developing techniques likely to lead you to satisfactory answers.

One of these four methods (remarkably well-suited to generating your connections with guides) will work better than the others for you.  It may take you a while to find the method you prefer, or you may gravitate towards it naturally from the beginning. Keep practicing; a creative mind lets overworked minds relax and receive words that trigger tremendous understanding.

The easiest method for connecting with your guides may be talk-thinking directly, but some people in this world are still re-learning that process. These methods work as training wheels to ease you back into the close relationship you once knew with your guides.

Contemporary society teaches us to think not only with our brains, but with only a few brains.

There are billions upon billions of brains upon this planet. The human brain is the most developed; people use only a small portion of them.

On top of that, most humans are taught that only a small percentage of people have thoughts that are valid. Think of all the resources available, and we use just a speck of them.

We need to re-learn to think.

Now, one thing we will warn you about: many people you know think that the world is real. We will turn your world inside out, but only when you’re ready.

With tools you’ve chosen, you’ll feel more confident with the instructions and guidance you receive through them. Seeking answers more profoundly rooted in a world that’s expanding rapidly will educate you only partly. Seeing what your oversoul perceives will place you very joyfully into another sphere in your daily life, where you will cherish all your interactions within this world.

The four methods we’re going to share with you will use devices that are available in this physical world.

1.       A pendulum helps you tune in to messages and receive confirmation in a variety of ways, using mostly tactile and visual instigation. Its movement may induce a light trance-like state, loosening the left brain’s grip on your thought processes, and balancing your senses with an overwhelming stimulus to the visual process. Also, the flow of energy through the pendulum conditions the subtle body and establishes pathways for communication and awareness.

2.       The I Ching oracle has been used for centuries, offering guidance that leaves room for interpretation and individual understanding. The touch and rustle of the sticks or stalks stimulate your tactile and auditory awarenesses, and to a lesser extent, the visual. Additionally, reading a commentary provides stimulus to the mental centers. Searching for applications of the commentary expands and flexes the mind, like solving a puzzle with intuition.

3.       Tarot Cards appeal to the visual, tactile, and auditory imagination, and the scanning of the cards with the hands may improve one’s sensitivity to subtle energy. As with the I Ching, adding commentaries may offer inspiration; or you may find your intuitive connection triggered more effectively by simply studying the selected cards without consulting a text.

4.       Ghost Radar® is one of many “ghost-hunting” apps available for mobile devices (Leslee has found this particular app to offer her the strongest connection, of  such apps available). It uses a device’s various sensors to measure energetic fluctuations in the environment.  These changes trigger a word generator/voice synthesizer (among other data indicators). Your guides can manipulate the sensors and output of this app in ways that allow them to access specific words and convey messages. The resulting visual and auditory output, however, are limited by the app’s “vocabulary”. So, if using this method, you’ll need a considerable amount of intuitive flexibility to decipher the messages. Your intuition gets a double work-out with Ghost Radar®: first you need to use your intuition to understand the intended meanings of the words selected, and then you’ll need to stretch a bit more creatively to make sense of the combination of words.

Each of the first three vehicles has been appearing throughout the world for some time, and they are used in conventionally agreed-upon ways. We are challenging you to stretch your wings with them and take them beyond the interpretations usually afforded.

The fourth method, Ghost Radar®, is a new type of oracle that blends ‘synchronicity’ with energy’s ability to manipulate and be manipulated. We’re still exploring and learning the potentials of mobile device programs, and hopefully an app will appear that affords a more precise and extensive vocabulary and a more focused interface for our purposes.

These four avenues lend themselves well to doing the work we’re encouraging you to do, because they all use a certain amount of randomness and statistical variations, but they also rely upon individual interpretation and development of intuition, as well as atmospheric and environmental influences.

Each of these modalities also offers flexibility with which you can grow.

You can begin by using them in the accustomed way, following manuals and interpretations literally. As your confidence blossoms and your ease with each method (blended with your intuition) increases, you may find that you use your devices less and less. This will happen naturally, so you needn’t concern yourself with how you’ll accomplish it.

Please understand and keep in mind that the main goal is to develop intuition and a direct connection with your spiritual guides, not to become an expert at these methods.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with your guides in these ways.

Next we’ll follow with a post on using a pendulum.

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“About” Page Update 20120103

Welcome to BUTTA… Because U Think TAsk. It’s about extra-ordinary worlds.

BUTTA contains, primarily, channeled material related to:



spiritual development

and in the process, it sheds light upon:

“hidden” worlds

ETs, “aliens”, UFOs

and various levels of  awareness and consciousness.

UPDATED 3 january 2012

We’re still working on the glossary, but have begun to receive lessons to help people who wish to find ways to connect with their personal spiritual guides. Please stay tuned!


This site gathers several threads together, and hopes to weave them into a fabric that makes some sense.

It won’t make sense to everyone, and that’s quite alright.

Different people possess different neurologies and experiences, as well as different priorities.

This blog is a record in some ways; a record of transmissions, the sharing of information,  the voicings of skepticism, concerns, and, at times, complete befuddlement.

At times, it’s a container, a vehicle of joy.

We hope you find something here to bring you some of that joy.


Most of the material in this blog comes from a being we call Adca Mupea, who found a way to connect with Leslee Hare, with the help of her Guides, Lhamo Dorje and Heruka. LD & H granted permission to Adca, and we eased Leslee into becoming aware of the connection.

Adca’s goal is to share information that many humans are searching for now, and to answer questions.

These questions may be ones that Leslee has asked, or ones asked by others.

We might describe Adca as an ET, because that term might resonate with the greatest number of people. But Adca resides within the “space” of planet Earth. We’ll tell you more about this within the posts and pages.

From time to time we also include information from and about Merhea Cahdeh, who might more accurately be called an ET. Merhea is a parallel manifestation of the same mind from which Leslee arises. He is physically located (in a subtle form) in orbit above Earth. He originates in this life from Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

Leslee, Adca, and Merhea meet from time to time in dreams.

The information in this blog is transmitted in many ways; you may read more about this below.


Please use the Categories and Search function of the blog to guide you to the material you’re seeking.

Please use the images to make subconscious connections and receive your own messages.

Please feel free to comment, or email with personal questions.


We use many vehicles to communicate with Adca and Merhea.

The primary vehicles are a pendulum and a word-generating app on a smartphone.

Leslee uses special pendulums that she makes herself, with our guidance.

When she first began working with pendulums over a decade ago, she used store-bought pendulums, made of metal and/or crystal. We found that these pendulums don’t lend themselves well to everyday, all-day use, so the designs we’ve developed are designed for portability and ease of use without formality.

Sometimes we use (also specially designed) charts with the pendulum, and sometimes we simply work with the pendulum alone, to reassure Leslee of her understanding of our messages. You can see an example of this here, on Youtube.

We also use Ghost Radar ™® (a smartphone app developed by Spud Pickles), the I Ching oracle (with interpretations from various volumes of commentary – yarrow sticks method), and the Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins.


There are many types of beings who are able to channel through humans. They range in intelligence, wisdom, spiritual attainment, and motivation.

Here we present material on how to distinguish your source, as well as how to seal and isolate connections.

On this blog, we focus on spiritual progress.


We also use intuition extensively. We do this with many besides Leslee; many people connect with us without realizing it, including politicians and “researchers”.

We use the term “researchers” deliberately, excluding the term “scientists”.

In our vocabulary, “researchers” keep open minds and aspire to inspiration.

“Scientists” adhere to strict materialistic views, which often preclude the advancement of understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

We also connect powerfully with artists, writers, musicians, children, people with autism, and people who might be considered “mad”.

We are sometimes able to connect with people with formal spiritual practices, although in these cases fear and doctrine may impede our communication.


This blog shares channeled material. There are often several tracks running at once, which may get confusing at times.

To help clarify, when there is more than one party speaking at a time, we’ll use a variety of annotations to delineate the sources of transmissions.

( TEXT ) Words framed in parentheses ( ) come from our facilitator, Leslee.

[TEXT]   Words in brackets [ ] come through Ghost Radar ™®, a smartphone app by Spud Pickles. We use this app as a shorthand vehicle for shifting and provoking thought .

<TEXT> Words in carets < > are comments by readers or others.

{TEXT}   Words in brackets { } come from I Ching oracle readings.

^TEXT^ Words in upward carets ^ ^ come from Tarot of the Spirit readings.

TEXT      Words with no framing come from very refined & rarefied sources, who variously call themselves  “Buddha”, “Enlightened Beings”, or “Source Voice”. There are more elevated forms of being than these, but such existence is beyond verbal or conceptual description, so direct communication is challenging to convey adequately into words. The “Source Voice” is a vehicle/analogy/archetype that manifests in order to bring earthly understanding to an earthly level & dimension.

For posts and pages coming from a single source, we note the source at the end.

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