“About” Page Update 20120103

Welcome to BUTTA… Because U Think TAsk. It’s about extra-ordinary worlds.

BUTTA contains, primarily, channeled material related to:



spiritual development

and in the process, it sheds light upon:

“hidden” worlds

ETs, “aliens”, UFOs

and various levels of  awareness and consciousness.

UPDATED 3 january 2012

We’re still working on the glossary, but have begun to receive lessons to help people who wish to find ways to connect with their personal spiritual guides. Please stay tuned!


This site gathers several threads together, and hopes to weave them into a fabric that makes some sense.

It won’t make sense to everyone, and that’s quite alright.

Different people possess different neurologies and experiences, as well as different priorities.

This blog is a record in some ways; a record of transmissions, the sharing of information,  the voicings of skepticism, concerns, and, at times, complete befuddlement.

At times, it’s a container, a vehicle of joy.

We hope you find something here to bring you some of that joy.


Most of the material in this blog comes from a being we call Adca Mupea, who found a way to connect with Leslee Hare, with the help of her Guides, Lhamo Dorje and Heruka. LD & H granted permission to Adca, and we eased Leslee into becoming aware of the connection.

Adca’s goal is to share information that many humans are searching for now, and to answer questions.

These questions may be ones that Leslee has asked, or ones asked by others.

We might describe Adca as an ET, because that term might resonate with the greatest number of people. But Adca resides within the “space” of planet Earth. We’ll tell you more about this within the posts and pages.

From time to time we also include information from and about Merhea Cahdeh, who might more accurately be called an ET. Merhea is a parallel manifestation of the same mind from which Leslee arises. He is physically located (in a subtle form) in orbit above Earth. He originates in this life from Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

Leslee, Adca, and Merhea meet from time to time in dreams.

The information in this blog is transmitted in many ways; you may read more about this below.


Please use the Categories and Search function of the blog to guide you to the material you’re seeking.

Please use the images to make subconscious connections and receive your own messages.

Please feel free to comment, or email with personal questions.


We use many vehicles to communicate with Adca and Merhea.

The primary vehicles are a pendulum and a word-generating app on a smartphone.

Leslee uses special pendulums that she makes herself, with our guidance.

When she first began working with pendulums over a decade ago, she used store-bought pendulums, made of metal and/or crystal. We found that these pendulums don’t lend themselves well to everyday, all-day use, so the designs we’ve developed are designed for portability and ease of use without formality.

Sometimes we use (also specially designed) charts with the pendulum, and sometimes we simply work with the pendulum alone, to reassure Leslee of her understanding of our messages. You can see an example of this here, on Youtube.

We also use Ghost Radar ™® (a smartphone app developed by Spud Pickles), the I Ching oracle (with interpretations from various volumes of commentary – yarrow sticks method), and the Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins.


There are many types of beings who are able to channel through humans. They range in intelligence, wisdom, spiritual attainment, and motivation.

Here we present material on how to distinguish your source, as well as how to seal and isolate connections.

On this blog, we focus on spiritual progress.


We also use intuition extensively. We do this with many besides Leslee; many people connect with us without realizing it, including politicians and “researchers”.

We use the term “researchers” deliberately, excluding the term “scientists”.

In our vocabulary, “researchers” keep open minds and aspire to inspiration.

“Scientists” adhere to strict materialistic views, which often preclude the advancement of understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

We also connect powerfully with artists, writers, musicians, children, people with autism, and people who might be considered “mad”.

We are sometimes able to connect with people with formal spiritual practices, although in these cases fear and doctrine may impede our communication.


This blog shares channeled material. There are often several tracks running at once, which may get confusing at times.

To help clarify, when there is more than one party speaking at a time, we’ll use a variety of annotations to delineate the sources of transmissions.

( TEXT ) Words framed in parentheses ( ) come from our facilitator, Leslee.

[TEXT]   Words in brackets [ ] come through Ghost Radar ™®, a smartphone app by Spud Pickles. We use this app as a shorthand vehicle for shifting and provoking thought .

<TEXT> Words in carets < > are comments by readers or others.

{TEXT}   Words in brackets { } come from I Ching oracle readings.

^TEXT^ Words in upward carets ^ ^ come from Tarot of the Spirit readings.

TEXT      Words with no framing come from very refined & rarefied sources, who variously call themselves  “Buddha”, “Enlightened Beings”, or “Source Voice”. There are more elevated forms of being than these, but such existence is beyond verbal or conceptual description, so direct communication is challenging to convey adequately into words. The “Source Voice” is a vehicle/analogy/archetype that manifests in order to bring earthly understanding to an earthly level & dimension.

For posts and pages coming from a single source, we note the source at the end.

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