UPDATE 20120205

Just a brief note as the organization of this blog evolves…

[from Teo’Na]


Many posts appear in more than one category.

deep messages (within MESSAGES) contains messages from Teo’Na and Adca Mupea (and perhaps others, as the channels develop), transmitted through the Ghost Radar app. We’ll often post these without comment, to let them do their work in raw form. Illustrations selected by Teo’Na…

INTRODUCTIONS and LESSONS give explanations of how Leslee understands Ghost Radar to be used by subtle beings.

We’ve also nested COMMUNICATION and METHODS as child categories within LESSONS.

descriptions and geography have been nested within EXPLANATIONS.

We will post the Ghost Radar glossary pages soon. Work continues with this, but the work in progress may be helpful at this point.

Since the messages seem to come in an order that is more relevant than Leslee realizes, reading them in the sequence presented offers another way of receiving this information in an additional level.

Please feel free to make requests or offer suggestions for content, format, or organization.

This is your blog, too.

Teo’Na and Adca Mupea invite you, if you don’t have access to Ghost Radar, to request personal deep messages. Leslee will be happy to post them here under personal messages, or email them to you privately, whichever you prefer.

Private requests may be emailed to Leslee at oneriver69@gmail.com.

Thank you for appearing and absorbing!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE 20120205

  1. babajij says:

    …Yup!…EveryThing is Coming ToGether,Leslee…Ur Work in Past Solitude is Beginning to Blossom and Beare Fruit…Intuitive Motions Carry AdVentures… :)

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