this sketch expresses the energy of upheaval that created the western coastline of portugal. it also indicates, gesturally, the form and spirit of the regions below. it is somewhat of a cut-away view.

Q: {If it’s possible could you ask your guides about Sintra? It’s near Lisbon Portugal. Cutting a long story short there’s a lot of myth about this place, but i’d like to know if there’s any truth to it (ufos, inner earth, vortexes…).}


[words from Adca Mupea are in non-italicized bold text: example]

[half area terrible large western they neighborhood exact sentence indeed nine]

[from Teo’Na:]

The area to the west of Sintra, from Sintra to the coastline, is now only half the size it was thousands of years ago. A terrible, large earthquake split the region and the western portion sunk into the sea when the heaving of the fault line caused the caverns deep below the ocean to collapse.

(Energy Vortices?) No. They fell into the ocean during the earthquake.

We leave the words “they neighborhood exact sentence indeed nine” for you to decipher. There is perhaps a local legend concerning nine (people?) who were sentenced somehow to be punished(?) for something related to this ancient region and Inner Earth.

[dish wolf collect]

The region collapsed like a dish (bowl?) into the ocean, cutting off an Inner Earth route to Rome which had been use for many thousands of years.

(Cavern-portals?) Yes.

Underneath an ancient church in the western part of the city were caverns that led through a solid portion of the Inner Earth, directly to the Inner Surface. The caverns opened into an area called Musphetai (Musfetai?). Sufis used to secretly pilgrimage there, which is one of several reasons why the Christian church wanted to block the caverns.

These caverns were flanked on the west by a dense mass of rock, which separated them from the caverns noted above which connected Sintra and Rome. The mass of rock formed the eastern wall of the vast cavern/causeway connecting Sintra to Rome. This wall was on the eastern side of the seismic fault, and its stability prevented more of the land from falling into the ocean.

In more recent centuries, the Church filled the portals with refuse and soil, and covered the cavern entrances in three places. One was at the (Basilica’s?) entry/vestry (to practically and symbolically divert the “faithful” from entering the caverns, and onto the “correct” path.), one was underneath a mausoleum, and one was filled and planted with a large blessed tree (olive, perhaps?), which is no longer there. If one knows the location, one may notice a slight depression in the soil. One would have to dig for approximately 21 meters to find the looping paths of the caverns today.

[dark depend badly shoe Both effect sense watch]

The “Dark Ones” depend upon keeping the ancient pathways blocked in order to stop people (Surface Residents) from venturing into Inner Earth and reaching Musphetai.

If people could walk to Musphetai, they would be freer to choose which path to follow. As long as the “Dark Ones” control access to Musphetai through this area, they can “keep an eye” on the surface residents to make sure that they stay on the surface.

This legend of an evil eye instilled fear in the people of the area, producing the desired effect for the Dark Ones.

[China heard King became finest discussion stick]

In ancient aeons, there was a King who ruled “Sintra” and Musphetai as one kingdom, and he had the special ability to use a magical “stick” to transport himself to the land now called China, where he and that King would hold long discussions and debates about how best to initiate the surface residents into the wisdom taught by the beings of Inner Earth and Agarthi.

[exciting direction straight shoot]


this frozen fountain, with its rim of crystals, expresses some of the forms beneath sintra.

Additional Questions & Comments:

{- I wonder how long ago those earthquakes happened. Maybe something to do with Atlantis?}

This was before Atlantis, although during the same aeon in which you are living now.

{ –> well, there are many ancient churches. The oldest that I know of is located in the castle in Sintra as is pretty much in ruins today. However, there seems to have been tunnels going from the castle to other places. }

{ –> there’s this ‘palace’ in Sintra that ended up in the hands of a guy who apparently was a member of the Masonry or Rosicrucian’s and he built a lot of things within the area of this palace, including a kind of vertical tunnel with a staircase in which you were meant to go down and then at a certain point there are several possible exits (which were also tunnels). Not all of those exits are open to the public! They say there’s nothing there to see… }

These are all related to the tunnels We’re talking about.

{I’m sending you the links to several places that I find intriguing in Sintra. I’d like to know what you feel about them (no pressure!):

(from LH: please note, I haven’t had a chance to look at these, but here are some comments that arise:)

{- this is the ‘palace’ I mentioned above, the one with the vertical tunnel –}.

The vertical tunnel is a decoy. It mimics the actual access points, and the person who built them believed that he could cause his tunnel to magically connect to the lands below.

{- the Pena palace, built in the 19th century}

(I’m not really getting that the palace is of note concerning this topic, although it does have a bit of dark but unremarkable history.)

{- the Capuchos convent (not so much because of the convent in itself, but because of the location)

(Similar to the palace – no information of note here)

{- the castle}

This place had a very dark energy residing below it, and that is why the appearance occurred in Fatima: to cleanse the area. The early inhabitants of Sintra sensed that this was a power spot, and sought to exploit that. It is harmless now, although it is still guarded by elementals as a safety measure. The trees here (or any trees here? I’m getting that there may not be many right now, or that any new ones planted will be equally as powerful…?) are particularly powerful.

layers and spirit of sintra

(Additional questions answered on 12 February 2012)


4 thoughts on “SINTRA, PORTUGAL

  1. suntria says:

    Thanks for the insight ;) There’s one thing I don’t get, though: regarding the castle the message says “This place had a very dark energy residing below it, and that is why the appearance occurred in Fatima: to cleanse the area”.
    Well, the building of the castle begun somewhere in the 8th or 9th centuries and the Fatima phenomenon happened in 1917. Plus, Sintra and Fátima are around 1h/1h30 apart from each other (driving on the highway!) – so what is meant here as being ‘the area’? I mean, that would be a fairly big area…

    • lesleehare says:

      I’m puzzled too, so I looked on Google maps, and I’m sensing that the “dark energy” was in an area that arcs from Cordova thru Sevilla, east of Lisbon, up to a spot between Coimbra and Castelo Branco… does that make any sense? Will try to find out more when I get home tonight… Please don’t worry about it if that doesn’t resonate for you, since I/we may be getting tested! ;) (and I’m afraid I know very little about Portugal and Spain…)

      • suntria says:

        A spot between Coimbra and Castelo Branco? Weeeell… to the South there’s Tomar (a Templar town, pretty much) and to the North there are two mountains: the smallest, Gardunha, is known for the UFO sightings; the biggest, Serra da Estrela (basically, ‘star mountain’) might have, imho, connections to Agartha.

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