UPDATE: Synchronicities 2012_03_26

(from Leslee)

I’ve met a number of profound-feeling synchronicities in the past few weeks.

Adca Mupea, Merhea Cahdeh, and Teo’Na have been supplying me regularly with information about the Inner Layers of Gaia.

Much of my attention has been focused on meetings with Umbro, the Crew of Tulya, and my friends on the Spirit Train Chronicles. (I hope to provide links soon)

We have shared dream and meditation experiences, with enough consistency and volume that many of us have become convinced beyond doubt that We are all connected, and may share experiences in the realms beyond that which we experience while “awake” on the 3D world of Earth in the Julian-calendar year of 2012.

During this process, I have received (from my Guides) several images and explanations of how our worlds inter-connect, and how we may access various “planes” and “places”.

Once I felt confident that connections had been established, I began to feel drawn to spend more time researching Inner Earth and the information that this site BUTTA is meant to share.

Almost immediately, a dear friend sent me some links to videos about Admiral Byrd’s expeditions. This led me to meet a person who has evidently done much research about Gaia, and has many questions.

I’m encouraged by the meeting, because, after all, the name of this site (ass given to me by my Guides) is “Because You Think To Ask”, and it has been my understanding that this site is meant as a resource for those who will have many questions about Gaia.

Why do I say “WILL” have many questions?

Because I sense that we are about to receive some earth-shaking new about Gaia.

I believe we are about to need to re-write our manuals of Geology, Geography, Archaeology, Astronomy, Astrology, Physics, Earth Sciences, Biology, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Religion. Oh, and History. And I’ve probably neglected a field or two, somewhere along the way…

This gentleman’s questions demand answers which begin to stitch together all history and legend as we know it.

It may seem questionable that the answers claim to be arriving telepathically.

This would not have been necessary, if certain parties had allowed Gaia to proceed along her intended course, without self-serving influence.

Now, the time has come to offer the “lost” information.

Now it is time for Admiral Byrd’s full message to be delivered, as entrusted to him by the “Master” of Inner earth.

Another piece of the synchronous puzzle was supplied by a movie I watched last weekend:

The Pagan Queen

Knezna Libuse Czech Republic
Koroleva slavyan Russia (dubbed version)
Pagan Queen – Die Königin der Barbaren Germany


This movie portrays the legend of Libusse, the Slavic Queen who founded Prague. I will leave you to watch the film; if you’re interested in Inner Earth, it is well worth your time.

If you’re interested in Gaia’s well-being or the fall of Atlantis or Lemuria, it is worth watching as a cautionary tale.

We received another list of questions this morning, and in making a brief inquiry with Teo’Na, I am given to understand that we will not only continue to describe and explain the Slavic/Nordic aspect of the story of Gaia, we will soon venture into the connections related to Ireland and Branwen…

For now, here is the link to the answers I’ve received from Teo’Na for the first set of questions I’ve received.

I feel there will be much more soon to come.

Thank you very much for reading.

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Synchronicities 2012_03_26

  1. suntria says:

    Some topics/food for thought:

    – Saint-Yves d’Alveydre who lived in the 19th century and said he was a frequent visitor of Agharta while in meditation;

    – some time ago I came across some references to lots and lots of tunnels under Sintra, mainly from the palace and the castle, but also from the old part of town, connecting to other places outside Sintra. Apparently many of those tunnels were made by… (drum roll) the Templars! Also, it looks like there was an international expedition to some of those tunnels in 1978-80 and whatever happened in there caused the members of the expedition to get on the first plane leaving Lisbon! And the guy that is connected to a lot of this knowledge is presently living in… (drum roll) England! :D
    you can find a link here: http://www.novaera-alvorecer.net/a_terra_oca.htm (all in Portuguese, sorry! But it’s a reference to show I didn’t make this up)
    I couldn’t find any names linked to that expedition but basically the text on the link above says it was a French-American scientific team who was in Sintra to try to establish contact with ‘someone’ inside the Earth. Is it known, according to this site, that there was indeed contact and that it almost ended in tragedy for the members of the expedition who, suddenly, abandoned the project, rushing out of the country. The Director of the magazine PAX (from the Portuguese Theurgic Community) said: “We know what happened, but won’t speak of it here. We can only say that you don’t go to someone’s house without being invited in – not without punishment” –> this doesn’t make much sense to me because I know that Agharta is enlightened and peaceful, but maybe there are beings/entities in tunnels, somewhere between the surface and Agharta who are not so peaceful?

    – where does Shambala fit in the middle of all this? Is it just another name for Agharta? Never even existed?

    • lesleehare says:

      Wow, Suntria! Thanks for adding this! My understanding, based on what I see and am told, is that, although the beings on the surface of Inner Earth (Telos) are fairly homogeneous in physiology and wisdom, there is a much wider variety of beings that inhabit the caverns and bodies of water that are scattered throughout the crust… I’ll be curious to learn more about the expedition!

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