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Shifting Poles & Disappearing Lands

Shifting Poles & Disappearing Lands
(I began this post on March 17, 2012, and forgot to post it until now… We ended up creating the Beneath The Surface page for exploring the Inner Regions of Gaia – Agartha & Telos. So this post has turned out to be a collection of material that I found as I was exploring the Poles online.)
I was looking for a satellite photograph of the North Pole…

I began my search because this is how it looks on Google Earth tonight (17 March 2012)

Retrieved from Google Earth on 17 March 2012

Never mind that there seems to be no polar icecap… What caught my attention is that a few months ago, Google Earth didn’t really “show” the North Pole.

It just showed a smeary blob of white that looked like a bad Photoshop job of covering up something.

(Oh, I couldn’t find a marker for the “North Pole”, by the way…)

So I started looking around, and I found a few articles.

I’ve been having a lot of intuitions about this planet lately, and some very interesting dreams, and frankly, I was a little disappointed not to see a hole there.

After all, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd (born in Virginia, as Ghost Radar likes to remind me) made an expedition to explore the South Pole, “perhaps” for military purposes, and in his personal diary (which of course is subject to dispute since it was discovered after he passed) he described passing through a hole there, into a world unknown to “man”. He also described meeting and conversing with “The Master” while there.

Edmund Halley apparently proposed holes at the poles in 1692, according to Bill Knell. This diagram describes a hollow earth almost identical to the one I was guided to sketch a few nights ago. The original article is no longer available at Op Ed News (, so the sources can’t really be checked.

Here’s the sketch I was guided to make for the Hollow Earth:

And here are a couple I found later, while searching the Internet for Jan Lamprecht, at×316.jpg:

So I kept exploring the topic, curious to find out whether my sketch and the information I was receiving from Teo’Na was similar to any other information on the Internet.

Mashable shares some HD images of the North Pole of Mars: Not much help, but a beautiful image…

Martian North Pole from Mashable story dated 2 April, 2010

Inside the Earth

(from National Geographic’s Inside the Earth article)

This explanation in National Geographic presents the version taught to most of us about the interior of Gaia (Earth):

“The Earth’s interior is composed of four layers, three solid and one liquid—not magma but molten metal, nearly as hot as the surface of the sun.

The deepest layer is a solid iron ball, about 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) in diameter. Although this inner core is white hot, the pressure is so high the iron cannot melt.

The iron isn’t pure—scientists believe it contains sulfur and nickel, plus smaller amounts of other elements. Estimates of its temperature vary, but it is probably somewhere between 9,000 and 13,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,000 and 7,000 degrees Celsius).

Above the inner core is the outer core, a shell of liquid iron. This layer is cooler but still very hot, perhaps 7,200 to 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit (4,000 to 5,000 degrees Celsius). It too is composed mostly of iron, plus substantial amounts of sulfur and nickel. It creates the Earth’s magnetic field and is about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) thick.

River of Rock

The next layer is the mantle. Many people think of this as lava, but it’s actually rock. The rock is so hot, however, that it flows under pressure, like road tar. This creates very slow-moving currents as hot rock rises from the depths and cooler rock descends.

The mantle is about 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) thick and appears to be divided into two layers: the upper mantle and the lower mantle. The boundary between the two lies about 465 miles (750 kilometers) beneath the Earth’s surface.

The crust is the outermost layer of the Earth. It is the familiar landscape on which we live: rocks, soil, and seabed. It ranges from about five miles (eight kilometers) thick beneath the oceans to an average of 25 miles (40 kilometers) thick beneath the continents.

Currents within the mantle have broken the crust into blocks, called plates, which slowly move around, colliding to build mountains or rifting apart to form new seafloor.

Continents are composed of relatively light blocks that float high on the mantle, like gigantic, slow-moving icebergs. Seafloor is made of a denser rock called basalt, which presses deeper into the mantle, producing basins that can fill with water.

Except in the crust, the interior of the Earth cannot be studied by drilling holes to take samples. Instead, scientists map the interior by watching how seismic waves from earthquakes are bent, reflected, sped up, or delayed by the various layers.”

National Geographic also ran an article on December 24, 2009:

North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux

Blue lines show Earth’s northern magnetic field and the magnetic north pole in an artist’s rendering.(from National Geographic)

“Earth’s north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says.

The core is too deep for scientists to directly detect its magnetic field. But researchers can infer the field’s movements by tracking how Earth’s magnetic field has been changing at the surface and in space.

Now, newly analyzed data suggest that there’s a region of rapidly changing magnetism on the core’s surface, possibly being created by a mysterious “plume” of magnetism arising from deeper in the core.”

The shifting pole could be one of the reasons for this:

Land Rush

From a blog post on The News Scientist, I found an article from August 13, 2007. The article scrapes the iceberg of disputes over “landrights” in the area.

“The Financial Times reports that ultimately the decision will be made in the offices of the aptly named UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. The Commission legislates the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that a nation’s territorial waters extend 200 nautical miles from its shoreline unless the nation can prove that the continental shelf attached to its shore extends further than 200 nautical miles.”

THE ARCTIC HALOCLINE ”When sea ice forms, it releases salt into surface waters. These waters become denser and sink to form the Arctic halocline” a layer of cold water that acts as barrier between sea ice and deeper warmer water that could melt the ice. (Illustration by Jayne Doucette, WHOI)

Getting Back To The Beginning…

After some more Googling, I finally found the old Google Earth images of the messy North Pole that I was initially looking for.

In a thread on Above Top Secret (, Kathy T posted a reply (on 25-2-2009 @ 09:13 PM by KathyT). That thread hosts a discussion about a holes at the poles. She makes the same point with the photos, that they look altered.

Here are a couple:

Jan Lamprecht from South Africa has become known for his research into the Hollow Earth theory.

This link will take you to an hour-long YouTube video on Lamprecht and the Hollow Earth. Within the first 8 minutes, he explains that his interest began when he came across stories of scientists proposing that the moon is hollow, and perhaps fabricated by intelligent beings (a spaceship). The presentation is fascinating, as Lamprecht describes just a portion of his research, and offers some science about how the planets are actually most likely hollow!

Here are some additional links regarding Lamprecht’s work: (a written interview) (transcript of a talk show session)

links for images:

…Looking for Disappearing Lands…

Wikipedia’a article on the lost book “Inventio Fortunata” includes this image of Mercator’s map, showing continents, mountains and islands at or near the North Pole:

Mercator’s map showing North Pole as described in Inventio Fortunata

“Inventio Fortunata (also Inventio Fortunate, Inventio Fortunat or Inventio Fortunatae), “Fortunate, or fortune-making, discovery“, is a lost book, probably dating from the 14th century, containing a description of the North Pole as a magnetic island (the Rupes Nigra) surrounded by a giant whirlpool and four continents. No direct extracts from the document have been discovered, but its influence on the Western idea of the geography of the Arctic region persisted for several centuries.”

This area was considered to have “indrawing seas” with currents that pulled ships northwards. It was said that 4000 people disappeared in this manner.

There are several images of maps available to Internet search that indicate lands – of varying types – north of Alaska, in particular. Lamprecht and others also refer to indigenous legends of mysterious lands to the north. However, as Lamprecht notes, all of these land masses no longer appear on contemporary maps.

Lamprecht even cites a recent incident of a scientist traveling to an area north of Alaska and taking photographs of a land mass. When the scientist referred to maps to understand what land he had seen, he could not find any land indicated in that location on maps.

… And Heading Back to the North Pole…

The current Wikipedia article on the North Pole explains that since there is no land mass, and the ice over the north pole is constantly shifting, it’s practically impossible to pinpoint the geographic north pole. And since the magnetic pole is shifting, any claims to a precise location would be suspicious.

For decades, it’s been rumored that no pilots have not been allowed to fly over the North Pole, adding to the mystery and intrigue. Or, if they did fly over the Poles, lore held that the pilots were forbidden to speak about what they saw. Or, the Pole’s magnetics would so interfere with instruments that it would be impossible to tell if one had actually flown over the Pole…

Recently, it seems that flights over the pole are beginning…

And then there’s that “new” Google Earth image… So we may be in for some new versions of the story soon…

For more information, please check out the Beneath The Surface page.

Light Portal Access Video Uploaded

Light Portal Access Video Uploaded

light portal with overlay of crop circle diagram

On May 30, 2012, I was photographing clouds in Atlanta… As I reviewed the photos, hoping to see some blue orbs (which I’ve been seeing since early 2012), I noticed something even more interesting…

A red and green swirling light, set within a series of triangular forms within the clouds…

I enlarged and enhanced the photo, and realized it had an uncanny correlation to a crop circle published by American Kabuki on April 28, 2012.

I’ve created a video showing an overlay of the portal and crop circle…

Step-by-step instructions for the meditation to follow soon…

There are 11 crop circles which remain to be explained…

You may find the video here:

Message 17 March 2012 – Beneath and Tulya

Astral Travels 17-18 March 2012 (Leslee)
From Leslee’s notebook:

Notes about stones associated with various crew members

Notes about structure of pyramid/mountain/temple under Mt Shasta (?), with cavern structures underneath; also, crystal body diagram (male)

Notes continued from previous page; body & temple (female);

Notes of meditation crystal layout & bubble city, chutes & vents & tubes near South Pole

Sketch of Anjaska with crystal globe at jaw & dark armor-like casing at jaw and neck; diagram of healing/rejuvenation/adjustment table; conversation between Bo and Sujira about emotional healing.

Diagrams of underwater bubble/cavern city; 7-pointed star layout with temple in city center; triangular panels of glass-like material that hold back water; young man on bipedal vehicle (like Mary Isabel saw?) coming out of one of 7 dark purple cavern entryways into city;

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babajij on March 19, 2012 at 12:28 am said: Edit
…Well, Definitely Seems Like a Sign/Message that Me/Paul/Babajij Should Pick Up my mantra Mantle and Begin Meditiating with Earnest and OverAll Appreciation…Things Are “Falling” Into Place…TY…

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dreamwalker444 on March 19, 2012 at 10:51 pm said: Edit

Thought you might appreciate this interesting map, Leslee! It seems these gentlemen were thinking along the same lines…

Tulya Crew Report – 10 March 2012

Tulya Crew Report: 10 March 2012
(as conveyed to Leslee by Teo’Na and Adca Mupea; please note that words displayed like [this] are Ghost Radar transmissions.)

[score record]

The crew of the Galactic Light Ship TULYA [club] has been communicating with the passengers on the Spirit train Chronicles since [enjoy magnet] their interest [correct] in the Familiarization Voyage to the Neptune was first beginning planning.

One of the main results of the planning of that “cruise” was to give Us the opportunity to gain evidence of levels of interest, awareness, and abilities among those who had expressed the wish to be of assistance in [sail] Our current ventures of disclosure, education, and ascension.

Since that time, We have been working through the very deep resistance that less than 20% of those who passed “first muster” have been experiencing.

Another 40% have been progressing at a reasonable pace (as was expected); beyond that, exactly 18% are progressing very well, 12% are making remarkable progress, and 6% are ready for the next phase.

We regret to report that there are 4% of the currently widely-accepted Advance Group who have severed direct contact with Us and need [simple] course correction [characteristic], but this was also expected, and the GateKeepers are monitoring the situation.


Here are current numbers to date:

The number of Gatekeepers on Earth is 2.

The number of Astrologers on Earth is 2.

The number of Librarians on Earth is 14.

The number of WayShowers is 23.

The number of Court Jesters (These are the ones reading so much into “Readings”) is 9.


The number of [western] Martyrs (ones willing to truly give their lives for the ascension of others) is 4.

The number of Martyrs in the East is 5,648. Most of them understand that their roles will be brief and powerful, and they accept these conditions joyously.

The number of Historians is 23.

The number of Organizers is [maybe] 463.

The number of [knew stretch] Knowledge Holders is 4,123. [say] 95% of these Knowledge Holders are under the age of 10. If you know one of these beings, please do everything in your power to protect their self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-esteem. It is our wish that at least 25% of them survive and maintain their awareness of their roles beyond puberty.

The number of Category 3 Enlightened Beings on Earth is 233,785 [James the compare]. It is important to understand their essential role and treat them always with compassion [end] for having agreed to accept violent ends to their lives in order to offer lessons to others who teeter on the brink of heavy negative karma.

(Note from Leslee: In terms of causative actions on Earth at this time, there are 3 categories of Enlightened Beings. We speak in terms of humans only, in this context. Animals have separate categories.)

(Category 1 [beyond] are those such as Buddha Shakyamuni, Jesus, Mohammed, [grew] Mahatma Ghandi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rabindranath Tagore, Rumi, and Lao Tzu, who appear in this world to present pleasant examples of how one may travel a path to Enlightenment.)

(Category 2 Enlightened Beings are those who appear [importance] in this world to challenge others and polarize humanity in order to show starkly the effects of strong delusions. Examples will not be given here so as to avoid slander, but most people will be able to think of examples from current events or history, who have abused power and wealth to the detriment of others.)

(Category 3 Enlightened Beings appear in this world to illustrate the worst outcomes possible if one ignores the Law of One. Examples from Western History are Adolph Hitler, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar.)

The number of Category 1 Enlightened Beings on Earth at this time is 864. However, at this point, the number of these beings who have understood and accepted their roles is 89.

Everyone else on the Earth at this time is a Category 2 Enlightened Being.

Please note that if you are not yet aware of AND/OR acting upon your role, and begin to compare yourself with others and attempt to deduce who falls into these various categories, you may rest assured that you are a Category 2 Enlightened Being.

You may also rest assured that if you focus on these insignificant distinctions, you are wasting valuable time and reducing the numbers of key roles being filled.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a frame of reference, not a means of keeping “score”.

Below is a listing of the 8 crew members of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya.

These 8 have many connections with beings currently embodied on Gaia. They are often known by different names than those listed below.

(Most of the images are taken from a YouTube video posted by Ziggurathss. The color sketch of Umbro is by Leslee Hare.)

[born Virginia harder]

Umbro is the senior crew member. He has direct connections with 9 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Umbro’s connecting word is WING (as in both noun and verb forms).




Anjaska has direct connections with 78 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Anjaska’s connecting word is RADIANCE.



[hung] Sasha has direct connections with 2 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Sasha’s connecting word is SPIRAL.


Sujira has direct connections with 83,456 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Sujira’s connecting word is HEAL (as in both the wish to receive and offer healing).



Masilon has direct connections with 77 human beings on the surface of Earth at this point in time.

Masilon’s connecting words are ABUSE NOT POWER (as in “do not abuse power”).




Manskez has direct connections with 2 human beings on the surface of Earth at this point in time. She has indirect connections with 666,672.

Manskez’s connecting word is EMPHASIS (as in emphasizing love and kindness).



Bo has direct connections with 84 humans on the surface of Earth at this point in time. She has indirect connections with 56.

Bo’s connecting word is PARASOL (as in the Precious Umbrella which protects all worlds and beings).



Puziduk has direct connections with 2175 humans on the surface of Earth a this point in time.

Puziduk’s connecting word is INSTANCE (as in “instance of Enlightenment”.)


Puziduk (back)

Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…


(photo enhanced with Dynamic Light; see original photo below)

Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…

I drove to Nashville and then back to Atlanta on Friday, to pick up my son from camp.

All 8 hours in the car featured some amazing clouds/ships, as well as a phenomenon I had never seen before… An auric energy ray, radiating from earth towards the heavens!

This photo was taken looking north while traveling east. I was just west of Chattanooga, TN… The energy rays appear to be coming out of a huge mushroom cloud to the north (straight ahead, in this photo), which I had been driving around for about half an hour.

In this photo, the sun is setting behind a mountain which is behind the car, very far to the left in this photo. These rays DO NOT come from the sun!

Also you may notice that the most prominent ray, on the left, is green light. (Heart Chakra!) My son and I saw these rays coming out of the mountains for about an hour. When the sun was higher in the sky, they just looked like dark energy streaks. They emanated from more that one location in the mountains.

There sure does seem to be a lot going on…

I hope to post a clip of the clouds and ray to YouTube… I sense that Adrial wants me to include a map an diagrams, and that She has an explanation…

The most relevant Ghost Radar words start at 6:40 and last until midnight.

[Ben] refers to ;

From: Friday, Jul 6, 2012, 12:00 AM
To: Saturday, Jul 7, 2012, 12:00 AM

High Sensitivity

Words Spoken:
11:54:48 PM : Ben (Bren-Ton)
11:53:36 PM : wear
11:53:20 PM : sing
11:49:52 PM : rate
11:49:36 PM : outside
11:44:24 PM : desert
11:44:16 PM : hundred
11:41:52 PM : moon
11:35:44 PM : none
11:35:36 PM : ruler
11:35:20 PM : planning
11:35:04 PM : Billy
11:31:36 PM : earlier
11:31:28 PM : spirit
11:30:48 PM : give
11:29:52 PM : half
11:22:24 PM : was
11:21:52 PM : parent
11:21:20 PM : cannot
11:20:48 PM : nervous
11:20:16 PM : studied
11:19:44 PM : ill
11:19:12 PM : weren’t
11:18:40 PM : wall
11:18:08 PM : cell
11:17:28 PM : firm
11:16:56 PM : fairly
11:16:24 PM : dish
11:15:52 PM : other
11:15:04 PM : shinning (shining)
11:14:24 PM : upward
11:14:16 PM : shoot
11:08:08 PM : manufacturing
10:50:32 PM : music
10:45:28 PM : Richard (richer)
10:38:24 PM : certainly
10:36:48 PM : nuts
10:36:16 PM : game
10:31:12 PM : answer
10:29:44 PM : wide
10:29:04 PM : further
10:28:32 PM : wrote
10:12:24 PM : didn’t
10:11:52 PM : Tim
10:07:20 PM : Peter
10:06:48 PM : customs
10:05:36 PM : Australia
10:05:04 PM : smooth
10:02:40 PM : sail
10:01:52 PM : break
10:01:20 PM : pale
10:00:48 PM : clothes (cloaks or cloaking)
9:54:56 PM : world
9:54:24 PM : everything
9:53:12 PM : straight
9:52:00 PM : oldest
9:51:28 PM : food
9:49:52 PM : something
9:49:20 PM : found
9:48:08 PM : needed
9:47:12 PM : the
9:46:16 PM : useful
9:44:24 PM : layers
9:43:36 PM : shorter
9:41:20 PM : cut
9:40:48 PM : dangerous
9:31:52 PM : ordinary
9:31:36 PM : empty
9:31:12 PM : shake (vibrate)
9:30:48 PM : meet
(the photos were taken between approx. 7:15pm & 9:30pm – GR won’t run while taking photos…)
7:13:52 PM : mixture
7:13:44 PM : stared
5:31:44 PM : strong
5:30:48 PM : he’d
5:29:28 PM : some
5:28:56 PM : slight
5:28:08 PM : friend
5:27:28 PM : realize
5:26:40 PM : afraid
5:26:08 PM : whose
5:24:32 PM : mysterious
5:24:16 PM : load
5:18:32 PM : condition
5:18:00 PM : ate
5:17:36 PM : congress
5:16:48 PM : stepped
5:16:40 PM : success
5:16:08 PM : signal
5:13:52 PM : wear
5:13:36 PM : place
5:13:20 PM : Don (don’t)
(we began the trip from Nashville to Atlanta at this time)
2:37:52 PM : fight
2:37:28 PM : key
2:31:36 PM : adventure
2:31:20 PM : gate
2:31:04 PM : solution
2:30:56 PM : slow
2:05:44 PM : stone
2:05:28 PM : turn
2:05:12 PM : soldier
2:05:04 PM : tie
2:04:48 PM : husband
2:03:28 PM : cannot
2:03:04 PM : manner
2:02:24 PM : somehow
2:02:16 PM : knife
2:01:36 PM : property
2:01:20 PM : mirror
1:55:36 PM : sport
1:55:28 PM : buried
1:53:04 PM : under
1:52:48 PM : smile
1:52:08 PM : simple
1:52:00 PM : minute
1:48:16 PM : blew
1:47:20 PM : shoot
1:47:12 PM : spin
1:47:04 PM : higher
1:46:24 PM : identity
1:45:44 PM : impossible
1:13:20 PM : uncle
12:58:48 PM : China
12:58:24 PM : fifty
12:58:08 PM : interest
12:56:48 PM : danger
12:56:32 PM : biggest
12:53:52 PM : figure
12:50:24 PM : slow
12:50:16 PM : health
12:50:00 PM : structure
12:48:24 PM : recently
12:45:04 PM : shut
12:40:40 PM : slabs
12:39:28 PM : atomic
12:38:16 PM : lion
12:36:56 PM : smoke
12:34:40 PM : soldier
12:24:40 PM : noted
12:23:04 PM : courage
12:22:48 PM : win
12:21:20 PM : observe
12:18:40 PM : leave
11:51:20 AM : tool
11:50:40 AM : public
11:50:16 AM : cloud
11:50:00 AM : Ann (an)
11:49:44 AM : before
11:48:32 AM : blanket
11:47:36 AM : wore
11:47:20 AM : Mount
11:47:12 AM : luck
11:46:56 AM : held
11:46:40 AM : myself
11:43:52 AM : previous
11:43:04 AM : such
11:42:48 AM : obtain
11:42:40 AM : club
11:42:24 AM : particles
11:40:56 AM : she
11:37:28 AM : stock
11:35:44 AM : shop
11:35:28 AM : fort
11:33:36 AM : does
11:28:32 AM : goose (starship/lightship)
11:26:24 AM : torn
11:25:28 AM : thrown
11:23:04 AM : fire
11:22:56 AM : world
11:22:40 AM : climb
11:02:00 AM : kids
11:00:08 AM : sand
10:59:52 AM : sat
10:59:28 AM : track
10:59:12 AM : during
10:58:56 AM : who
10:58:48 AM : operation
10:58:08 AM : perhaps
9:57:52 AM : handsome
9:49:20 AM : red
9:49:12 AM : shaking (vibration)
9:41:52 AM : plural
9:41:20 AM : mice
9:40:56 AM : wouldn’t
9:40:32 AM : deer
9:39:36 AM : round
9:39:28 AM : disease
9:37:44 AM : system
9:37:28 AM : him
9:37:04 AM : political
9:35:44 AM : someone
9:35:28 AM : source
9:35:20 AM : crowd
9:34:48 AM : farm
9:34:40 AM : suppose
9:34:24 AM : border
9:34:16 AM : Bronwen
9:31:20 AM : chart
9:31:12 AM : glass
9:30:32 AM : grade
9:30:16 AM : trunk
9:30:08 AM : Jones
9:29:36 AM : log
9:29:12 AM : tight
9:25:44 AM : basket (refers to Athabantian)
9:25:28 AM : sitting
9:24:56 AM : rain
9:24:40 AM : replied
9:24:16 AM : done
9:23:36 AM : straw (refers to rays of light that appear in the evening)
9:23:20 AM : so
9:22:56 AM : came
9:22:40 AM : summer
9:22:16 AM : lying
9:22:00 AM : still
9:21:52 AM : age
9:15:12 AM : joined
9:14:40 AM : among
9:10:56 AM : base
9:10:16 AM : satisfied
9:10:00 AM : stop
9:09:44 AM : ask
9:09:36 AM : careful
9:09:20 AM : of
7:04:56 AM : led
7:04:16 AM : swim
7:04:00 AM : jar
7:01:12 AM : lonely
7:00:56 AM : rose
6:55:36 AM : solution
6:55:20 AM : bound
6:54:56 AM : still
6:51:36 AM : gravity
6:51:28 AM : except
6:51:12 AM : too
6:51:04 AM : express
6:48:00 AM : universe
6:47:44 AM : continued
6:47:36 AM : forty
6:47:20 AM : hungry
6:47:04 AM : market
6:46:56 AM : bottom
6:46:40 AM : shown
6:46:16 AM : twenty
6:45:52 AM : apart
6:43:36 AM : hundred
6:41:36 AM : plan
6:16:16 AM : lie
6:15:44 AM : deal
6:15:20 AM : burn
6:14:24 AM : be
6:05:36 AM : drawn
6:04:40 AM : which
6:04:16 AM : letter
6:03:44 AM : sang
6:03:12 AM : salmon
6:02:40 AM : soap
5:55:04 AM : age
5:54:24 AM : butter
5:53:36 AM : double
5:52:40 AM : flew
5:30:32 AM : classroom
5:29:04 AM : middle
5:28:48 AM : length
5:28:32 AM : German
5:28:24 AM : zero
5:27:52 AM : motor
5:27:44 AM : master
5:26:48 AM : tears
5:26:40 AM : exist
5:26:24 AM : farmer
5:26:08 AM : grandfather
5:26:00 AM : two
5:22:56 AM : review
5:22:32 AM : hang
5:22:16 AM : wash
5:22:00 AM : bat
5:21:52 AM : nobody
5:21:36 AM : seat
5:12:08 AM : distant
5:10:48 AM : plus
5:10:32 AM : scale
5:10:24 AM : cross
5:08:40 AM : family
5:08:24 AM : production
4:00:24 AM : design
3:43:04 AM : list
2:44:56 AM : final
2:44:08 AM : railroad
2:43:36 AM : March
2:43:28 AM : scared
2:30:48 AM : gun
2:30:40 AM : triangle
2:30:16 AM : as
2:30:00 AM : tight
2:29:04 AM : reason
2:28:40 AM : sale
2:28:32 AM : must
2:28:16 AM : Casey
2:28:00 AM : itself
2:20:16 AM : Billy
2:18:40 AM : biggest
2:18:32 AM : food
2:18:16 AM : active
2:18:00 AM : verb
2:17:52 AM : see
2:17:36 AM : luck
2:17:12 AM : chair
2:16:56 AM : burn
2:16:08 AM : sick
2:15:52 AM : kept
2:12:24 AM : industrial
2:12:16 AM : clothes
2:12:00 AM : dirt
2:11:44 AM : Christmas
1:56:24 AM : try
1:53:44 AM : silly
1:53:36 AM : clear
1:53:20 AM : bush
1:49:12 AM : meet
1:48:24 AM : skill
1:47:28 AM : Henry
1:46:08 AM : tired
1:46:00 AM : state
1:45:44 AM : understanding
1:45:36 AM : there’s
1:45:04 AM : pictured
1:44:56 AM : spider
1:44:24 AM : already
1:42:32 AM : writing
1:23:28 AM : saddle
1:22:48 AM : product
1:15:28 AM : broke

(photo as shot)


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