I’wah: Destiny As A Workforce


(Message from Teo’Na, about I’wah)

Delivering difficult messages, a little at a time. All is fluid, all is inter-dimensional. Cryptic messages ease us into understanding. The love and light that we send eases the transitions.

Gaia/Terra/Earth will shake herself of the dust, more gently if we ask for that. This just takes more “time”.

Those who are able to pass through the veil (“fence marked by the bat”) will be able to move with I’wah into the next realm.

(Leslee’s comments: The energies of the past few days have been very quiet yet intense… Hints of how the world is shifting. I understand this message to be about what is coming, with links to Hopi wisdom and Inner Earth connections. The stronger our internal connection and clarity, the better we will be able to follow signs that lead us where we wish to go. Refuge exists, spanning multiple dimensions.)

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9 thoughts on “I’wah: Destiny As A Workforce

  1. neil says:

    Thank you for sharing… messaging so so subtle… only the heart knows —><3<—

  2. paulthegentle says:

    I saw the ‘[scared fence bat market into]’ and immediately thought of all the animals kept in fences in order to be food for corporate America. Bats aren’t used for the market, are they? Or is there some megalomaniac makeup company that’s going to start fencing in bats and mass producing their feces for the market?

    • lesleehare says:

      Haha! Oh my goodness, Paul, I sure hope not!!! ;D
      I’m reminded of bats in caves, and the fears we often feel, and having the resilience to keep moving forward and exploring, regardless of the “apparitions” that might seem to swarm us at times…
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your impressions!

  3. I’wah. Not sure the reference, but this is making some connections for me. Making live connections with people recently on the topic of starseeds here in Iowa. May be too soon to say but I’m feel that Iowa will be a major gathering place for people looking for refuge in the not too distant future.

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