Abiquor, Athabantian, Dragons, Lamas, Kachinas and Secrets

(from Teo’Na and Fa)

You want to know more. We have been waiting on Earliest Remaining Surface Residents to step forward in a new way, but they are waiting. Very well.

Please visualize Gaia/Terra/Earth as a collection of simultaneously-occurring spheres, approximately coincident in location, on a variety of “dimensions”.

Try to see this without using words. Music may be helpful. Think of musical chords and notes.

If you feel you need images, picture glass spheres, especially Witches Balls.

Now visualize that one sphere may host a world the size of a snow flake. One may be the size of a galaxy, or larger. Ranging from marbles to bubbles to globes to planets… All sizes you can comprehend. Each fills the same amount of “space”, even though they appear to be different “sizes”. Wrap your mind around this.

Now understand that each sphere has a story accompanying it. Each story is written by a different author, and many are in different languages. Some share languages and characters. Some run similar plot lines.

Additionally, each story has been developed into a screenplay. And each screenplay has been produced as a movie. And each movie has been reviewed by many – perhaps countless – critics. (Think religion and culture.) And each movie has many sequels. And remakes. Over and over and over again.

Until you finally get bored. Again.

Now imagine that within each sphere, each world, there are connecting windows or portals. And some beings are able to jump from one world/dimension/movie to another.

Think about this for a while, and remember that productions usually run more smoothly when the cast works together.

Right now we EACH think its our scene, our cue, our soliloquy. OURS. Watch out, listen out. You may miss something while others recite their lines at the same time.

Abiquor is both vast beyond imagining, and small enough to fit into a single night’s dream. Dragons are simultaneously extinct, hiding, imaginary, and your alter selves.

Can you permit yourself to envision dragons soaring alongside Athabantian? Or Heruka dancing with Crow Mother Maiden? Can you sit in the Crystallarium at Abiquor and then return to your bed, to realize it is the size of the Universe?

Can you begin to understand what that flock of birds is saying to you – yes, YOU – and answer them? Are you willing to notice the colors that your MIND has trained your brain NOT to see? Can you relax enough to allow the flood of images (you constantly perceive) to wash your reality when you close your eyes? Better yet, even when your eyes are “open”? (Which means they are “really” just filtering more aggressively…)

Accomplish these realizations and the world will be your oyster. Literally.

Until then, all worlds will seem separate, and your doubts will rule your perceptions.


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13 thoughts on “Abiquor, Athabantian, Dragons, Lamas, Kachinas and Secrets

  1. wolfke74 says:

    Reblogged this on Awakening to Arachanaï and commented:
    This is such a wonderful post, so light in reading. Thanks my dear sweet lady. The drawings are just beautiful. Love Lisa

    • lesleehare says:

      Thank you so much, sweet Lisa! I was so relieved that it came this way, and I’m so glad you find it light! Please feel free to use the images however you like! I always love receiving posts like this, because they first guided me to do the Abiquor sketch, then the screen shot from my altimeter app, then the witches’ ball, and I had no idea how they would all fit together! As the words came, I realized it was time to add the other images.

      In fact, I have a feeling that a piece of the Abiquor sketch has been left for you to complete! As I was drawing it on my phone, I knew what some of the items represent, and was wondering how I could possibly add notes to label things… But perhaps you would like to label them? In fact, that gives me another idea for a follow-up post… ! :)

  2. wolfke74 says:

    Hi Leslee, can I put some of your images about Abi-Qor onto my site? It looks better as it is a bit more colorful and maybe people will start to create on their own if they see our creative juices flow. :D I hope we can chat a bit later, I am so looking forward to this. Love Lisa. Much too tell.

  3. Julian Metter says:

    Hi Leslee, What a wonderful blog, site and journey you are on. I’ve shared many of your interests since childhood (Tibet, Buddhism, OBEE’s) and curiously enough had a 15 year chapter working with autism using holistic and alternative approaches. It’s exciting to read how deeply you’ve transformed elements of your everyday life and have found a way to connect with the ET/ED community of consciousness.

    I’m curious, probably like many others, about the fundamental nature of the dimensional shift whether this be to the 4th or 5th dimension.

    Do you hold the belief a la the Andromeda Council, George Kassavilas, Drunvalo Melchizede and Anthony Kane that ascension will occur at a particular time in a dramatic fashion? If yes, is there a time frame for this shift that resonates with you?

    Conversely much of what we read now, emphasizes a more personal experientially based framework in which any broadly based frequency shift expresses itself as a gradual attunement to various aspects of enlightenment. While beneficial this appears to accept our continuing physical presence on a 3D level with increasing “energetic excursions” to 4D and 5D consciousness.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,


    • lesleehare says:

      Hello, Julian!

      How nice to meet you, and thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comment… I hope we can connect more!

      My sense of things is more in line with the last paragraph you wrote above. When I first began noticing what I was experiencing on a deeper level (initially in 1999 and more intensely in 2010), oh, how I longed for a sudden, shocking, quick and complete “fix” to what I (still sometimes) perceive as a situation in need of “fixing”. And I confess I would still welcome that, come what may, and I do still request it (with stipulations about no one actually being hurt or feeling pain or fear…).

      And frankly, I DO think that such a transformation is possible. However, I also sense that because we are all interconnected, we experience the influence of others in our lives, directly and indirectly. So it seems there are enough on the “planet” who do NOT wish for that sort of event… And perhaps this is what softens the impact of the process.

      It seems to me that we live in a world in which so many appear to surround us who prefer to live one way, and we may prefer another… And yet we are all aspects of ourselves…. So, for an event to happen in our lives that would so greatly delight us and yet so deeply terrify so many of us… Well, it seems a bit schizophrenic, doesn’t it? Or of a split personality… I feel we are being shown that we need to integrate our light and shadow selves, accept one another and learn to flourish together, before we will see ourselves in a fully light-filled world.

      Given that, I also fear that we may continue to experience this gradual transformation for some time. I use the word “fear” deliberately, because to continue to watch “others” in their “suffering” is not what I want, and at this rate, I’m talking aeons… That is NOT what “I” want, for myself or anyone else.

      I’m reminded of the Bodhisattva vow, which I’ve taken in many lifetimes (and I paraphrase): To postpone enjoyment of the bliss and emptiness of Full Enlightenment until all living beings have attained that same state… And to continue to return to all realms to help, until this is accomplished. Aeons and aeons, countless words and realms… Sigh…

      And I’m encouraged by the Vajrayana understanding that once we understand that we are all of the same nature, and that nature is Enlightenment, and that everything that surrounds us is the nature of enlightment, then our world can transform in an instant, like a bolt of lighting strikes. Vajra: THUNDERBOLT!!! (More than coincidence, Troy! Please see Troy’s post on his dream/vision of the dragon/crystal skull Thunderbolt…)

      So, that’s what I see. Although we are already enlightened and pervade all dimensions, we somehow need to go through the motions of appearing to re-learn, remember our true nature. And until then, here we are…

      Thank you again, Julian, and talk to you soon!

      • Vajra = thunderbolt, well that makes perfect SENSE!


        A fairly direct correlation, I’d say! :-)

      • Julian Metter says:

        Hi Leslee,

        Thank you for your quick and eloquent response. Yes I hope we have more opportunity to chat.

        It’s interesting how subtly our ideas color our thinking. Like you I gravitate towards wanting the ascension process to either “fix” or at least do an end run around many of life’s current impasse’s. However, all the ET’s/ED’s have actually said is that we will awaken and face our ourselves in a much fuller manner. It’s possible, maybe even likely that ascension would really only change the level and apparent “speed” at which we meet our own energetic development face to face. Having to immediately encounter the manifestation of every thought might not always be pleasant and gives new meaning to Pema Chodron’s title “The Wisdom Of No Escape”.

        Based on interviews given by many contactee’s it appears that 4th and 5th dimensional beings do have conflict and at times even engage in warfare (ie. current warfare with the Draco Repilians). So ascension may be considerable more complex and different from what we imagine.

        I do understand the connection between the Bodhisattva position and the commitment to stay with those who need help awakening. Once again however, it’s hard to know whether Gaia’s organic solution follows this approach. Reading through material on this issue there appears to be a belief that different versions of earth are manifesting for different people depending on their basic resonance. Anthony Kane talked about Gaia giving birth to parallel versions of herself between December 8 and 21. I think George Kavassilis seems to be saying the same thing and looking back at various channeled work this idea has been discussed or presented for more than a decade using very similar language (the image of cell division).

        Thanks again for creating this site and I hope to connect again soon.



  4. Thank you Leslee and Teo’na and Fa, this is a similar understanding to what I’ve perceived with our fleet of Galactic Light ships. They are everything and nothing, and even using a “name” brings us dangerously close to ignoring the “whole” to which they are a part. The idea that they exist as different things in different dimensions – that is still a “separation” of what they truly are, but I understand this to be a device to expand the mind beyond the understanding that there is only “one” of something. But then we get back to the idea of one-ness consciousness… so I understand that it can all be a bit confusing.

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen “Nemo” the movie but I get a kick out of hearing the seagulls all saying “mike mike mike mike mike”. Everything is “Mike” so it’s no problem!


    chief bottle-washer and whip-cracker… :-D

    (honestly Leslee now I’m feeling guilty! but when I say “now” you know it means “any” now, right??? ♥)

    • lesleehare says:

      Hahaha, DW! :D

      Yes about the name thing, and I think this applies as well to our thinking in terms of planets and “races” having names… We all just “are”, but as long as we need words, well, we need labels.

      Yes, I love the seagulls in Nemo… they are so spot on!

      I had a dream last night of training facility, and I’d like to re-blog your Thunderbolt dream, and share more… Do you know how I can re-blog your blogspot post into wordpress?

      See you soon!

      • posted on my wordpress site for you so you should be able to reblog it now Leslee. FWIW the thunderbolt experience was a meditation, they didn’t let me get to sleep until 1:30 in the morning. And I had to get up @ 6:00 to get the kids to school the next day. Do you think maybe they’re trying to tell us something? Sleep! Who needs it? As I recall it was also a full moon. With a full-circle moon-beau too. Very pretty.

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