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Ghost Radar Update – Winter 2016

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not having responded to comments in a while. I was offline for several months and I see I missed several questions or sharings.

I stopped using the app about a year ago, because my iPhone started doing crazy things if I let it run continuously.

It Face-Timed a college buddy, nearly texted several people (including my boss!), and mapped a route from my home to work. Opened several web pages. All while I was sleeping.

It also started causing my phone to over-heat, and I felt like my GR experience had plateaued.

So, I’m quite out of date what Ghost Radar’s been up to, and am not sure if the list is still applicable.

Please feel free to continue to comment and share. It’s certainly a fascinating app that sparks the imagination. Along with other stuff.

Best wishes!


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