Ghost Radar Update – Winter 2016

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not having responded to comments in a while. I was offline for several months and I see I missed several questions or sharings.

I stopped using the app about a year ago, because my iPhone started doing crazy things if I let it run continuously.

It Face-Timed a college buddy, nearly texted several people (including my boss!), and mapped a route from my home to work. Opened several web pages. All while I was sleeping.

It also started causing my phone to over-heat, and I felt like my GR experience had plateaued.

So, I’m quite out of date what Ghost Radar’s been up to, and am not sure if the list is still applicable.

Please feel free to continue to comment and share. It’s certainly a fascinating app that sparks the imagination. Along with other stuff.

Best wishes!


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2 thoughts on “Ghost Radar Update – Winter 2016

  1. Ben Naga says:

    Your your GR has been doing strange things? My download disappeared completely. Seems to have not simply deleted itself but evaporated!

  2. I recently downloaded this app on pc and have been watching and listening, I have Ghost Radar Connect as well and had many words The most interesting episode in the 12 or so hours since my download occurred during a video that automatically played on the nytimes webside regarding the abortion pill in Arkansas. I heard the GRC skitching and the voice prompt just as I was closing the NYTimes window. It said rapid, less than a minute, Abort, Related and the green glow that had steadily sat nearly on top of me turned red, meaning very strong. So I said Okay, hold on. I opened my history and clicked the video. The next words during and just after the video were useful giving cells and a long pause while video played. Then at the end and after Belong, clearly, nobody and lastly, almost ten minutes later, twenty. I don’t know if it’s unrelated or not. I haven’t spoken to any possible entities since I am indeed new and just “looking around” but I did gently give my opinion to the “empty room” after the word nobody. Not refuting choice, but placing my pro-life and choice viewpoint that a regrettable choice to have unprotected sex shouldn’t be compounded by another regrettable choice and that whatever our regrets, we have a God who forgives. .. I am wondering if the now yellow dot that’s jumping around on the screen is excited I am writing about them. :-) Lol they just said you’re similar!

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