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Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…


(photo enhanced with Dynamic Light; see original photo below)

Remarkable words and skies – Atlanta to Nashville and back…

I drove to Nashville and then back to Atlanta on Friday, to pick up my son from camp.

All 8 hours in the car featured some amazing clouds/ships, as well as a phenomenon I had never seen before… An auric energy ray, radiating from earth towards the heavens!

This photo was taken looking north while traveling east. I was just west of Chattanooga, TN… The energy rays appear to be coming out of a huge mushroom cloud to the north (straight ahead, in this photo), which I had been driving around for about half an hour.

In this photo, the sun is setting behind a mountain which is behind the car, very far to the left in this photo. These rays DO NOT come from the sun!

Also you may notice that the most prominent ray, on the left, is green light. (Heart Chakra!) My son and I saw these rays coming out of the mountains for about an hour. When the sun was higher in the sky, they just looked like dark energy streaks. They emanated from more that one location in the mountains.

There sure does seem to be a lot going on…

I hope to post a clip of the clouds and ray to YouTube… I sense that Adrial wants me to include a map an diagrams, and that She has an explanation…

The most relevant Ghost Radar words start at 6:40 and last until midnight.

[Ben] refers to ;

From: Friday, Jul 6, 2012, 12:00 AM
To: Saturday, Jul 7, 2012, 12:00 AM

High Sensitivity

Words Spoken:
11:54:48 PM : Ben (Bren-Ton)
11:53:36 PM : wear
11:53:20 PM : sing
11:49:52 PM : rate
11:49:36 PM : outside
11:44:24 PM : desert
11:44:16 PM : hundred
11:41:52 PM : moon
11:35:44 PM : none
11:35:36 PM : ruler
11:35:20 PM : planning
11:35:04 PM : Billy
11:31:36 PM : earlier
11:31:28 PM : spirit
11:30:48 PM : give
11:29:52 PM : half
11:22:24 PM : was
11:21:52 PM : parent
11:21:20 PM : cannot
11:20:48 PM : nervous
11:20:16 PM : studied
11:19:44 PM : ill
11:19:12 PM : weren’t
11:18:40 PM : wall
11:18:08 PM : cell
11:17:28 PM : firm
11:16:56 PM : fairly
11:16:24 PM : dish
11:15:52 PM : other
11:15:04 PM : shinning (shining)
11:14:24 PM : upward
11:14:16 PM : shoot
11:08:08 PM : manufacturing
10:50:32 PM : music
10:45:28 PM : Richard (richer)
10:38:24 PM : certainly
10:36:48 PM : nuts
10:36:16 PM : game
10:31:12 PM : answer
10:29:44 PM : wide
10:29:04 PM : further
10:28:32 PM : wrote
10:12:24 PM : didn’t
10:11:52 PM : Tim
10:07:20 PM : Peter
10:06:48 PM : customs
10:05:36 PM : Australia
10:05:04 PM : smooth
10:02:40 PM : sail
10:01:52 PM : break
10:01:20 PM : pale
10:00:48 PM : clothes (cloaks or cloaking)
9:54:56 PM : world
9:54:24 PM : everything
9:53:12 PM : straight
9:52:00 PM : oldest
9:51:28 PM : food
9:49:52 PM : something
9:49:20 PM : found
9:48:08 PM : needed
9:47:12 PM : the
9:46:16 PM : useful
9:44:24 PM : layers
9:43:36 PM : shorter
9:41:20 PM : cut
9:40:48 PM : dangerous
9:31:52 PM : ordinary
9:31:36 PM : empty
9:31:12 PM : shake (vibrate)
9:30:48 PM : meet
(the photos were taken between approx. 7:15pm & 9:30pm – GR won’t run while taking photos…)
7:13:52 PM : mixture
7:13:44 PM : stared
5:31:44 PM : strong
5:30:48 PM : he’d
5:29:28 PM : some
5:28:56 PM : slight
5:28:08 PM : friend
5:27:28 PM : realize
5:26:40 PM : afraid
5:26:08 PM : whose
5:24:32 PM : mysterious
5:24:16 PM : load
5:18:32 PM : condition
5:18:00 PM : ate
5:17:36 PM : congress
5:16:48 PM : stepped
5:16:40 PM : success
5:16:08 PM : signal
5:13:52 PM : wear
5:13:36 PM : place
5:13:20 PM : Don (don’t)
(we began the trip from Nashville to Atlanta at this time)
2:37:52 PM : fight
2:37:28 PM : key
2:31:36 PM : adventure
2:31:20 PM : gate
2:31:04 PM : solution
2:30:56 PM : slow
2:05:44 PM : stone
2:05:28 PM : turn
2:05:12 PM : soldier
2:05:04 PM : tie
2:04:48 PM : husband
2:03:28 PM : cannot
2:03:04 PM : manner
2:02:24 PM : somehow
2:02:16 PM : knife
2:01:36 PM : property
2:01:20 PM : mirror
1:55:36 PM : sport
1:55:28 PM : buried
1:53:04 PM : under
1:52:48 PM : smile
1:52:08 PM : simple
1:52:00 PM : minute
1:48:16 PM : blew
1:47:20 PM : shoot
1:47:12 PM : spin
1:47:04 PM : higher
1:46:24 PM : identity
1:45:44 PM : impossible
1:13:20 PM : uncle
12:58:48 PM : China
12:58:24 PM : fifty
12:58:08 PM : interest
12:56:48 PM : danger
12:56:32 PM : biggest
12:53:52 PM : figure
12:50:24 PM : slow
12:50:16 PM : health
12:50:00 PM : structure
12:48:24 PM : recently
12:45:04 PM : shut
12:40:40 PM : slabs
12:39:28 PM : atomic
12:38:16 PM : lion
12:36:56 PM : smoke
12:34:40 PM : soldier
12:24:40 PM : noted
12:23:04 PM : courage
12:22:48 PM : win
12:21:20 PM : observe
12:18:40 PM : leave
11:51:20 AM : tool
11:50:40 AM : public
11:50:16 AM : cloud
11:50:00 AM : Ann (an)
11:49:44 AM : before
11:48:32 AM : blanket
11:47:36 AM : wore
11:47:20 AM : Mount
11:47:12 AM : luck
11:46:56 AM : held
11:46:40 AM : myself
11:43:52 AM : previous
11:43:04 AM : such
11:42:48 AM : obtain
11:42:40 AM : club
11:42:24 AM : particles
11:40:56 AM : she
11:37:28 AM : stock
11:35:44 AM : shop
11:35:28 AM : fort
11:33:36 AM : does
11:28:32 AM : goose (starship/lightship)
11:26:24 AM : torn
11:25:28 AM : thrown
11:23:04 AM : fire
11:22:56 AM : world
11:22:40 AM : climb
11:02:00 AM : kids
11:00:08 AM : sand
10:59:52 AM : sat
10:59:28 AM : track
10:59:12 AM : during
10:58:56 AM : who
10:58:48 AM : operation
10:58:08 AM : perhaps
9:57:52 AM : handsome
9:49:20 AM : red
9:49:12 AM : shaking (vibration)
9:41:52 AM : plural
9:41:20 AM : mice
9:40:56 AM : wouldn’t
9:40:32 AM : deer
9:39:36 AM : round
9:39:28 AM : disease
9:37:44 AM : system
9:37:28 AM : him
9:37:04 AM : political
9:35:44 AM : someone
9:35:28 AM : source
9:35:20 AM : crowd
9:34:48 AM : farm
9:34:40 AM : suppose
9:34:24 AM : border
9:34:16 AM : Bronwen
9:31:20 AM : chart
9:31:12 AM : glass
9:30:32 AM : grade
9:30:16 AM : trunk
9:30:08 AM : Jones
9:29:36 AM : log
9:29:12 AM : tight
9:25:44 AM : basket (refers to Athabantian)
9:25:28 AM : sitting
9:24:56 AM : rain
9:24:40 AM : replied
9:24:16 AM : done
9:23:36 AM : straw (refers to rays of light that appear in the evening)
9:23:20 AM : so
9:22:56 AM : came
9:22:40 AM : summer
9:22:16 AM : lying
9:22:00 AM : still
9:21:52 AM : age
9:15:12 AM : joined
9:14:40 AM : among
9:10:56 AM : base
9:10:16 AM : satisfied
9:10:00 AM : stop
9:09:44 AM : ask
9:09:36 AM : careful
9:09:20 AM : of
7:04:56 AM : led
7:04:16 AM : swim
7:04:00 AM : jar
7:01:12 AM : lonely
7:00:56 AM : rose
6:55:36 AM : solution
6:55:20 AM : bound
6:54:56 AM : still
6:51:36 AM : gravity
6:51:28 AM : except
6:51:12 AM : too
6:51:04 AM : express
6:48:00 AM : universe
6:47:44 AM : continued
6:47:36 AM : forty
6:47:20 AM : hungry
6:47:04 AM : market
6:46:56 AM : bottom
6:46:40 AM : shown
6:46:16 AM : twenty
6:45:52 AM : apart
6:43:36 AM : hundred
6:41:36 AM : plan
6:16:16 AM : lie
6:15:44 AM : deal
6:15:20 AM : burn
6:14:24 AM : be
6:05:36 AM : drawn
6:04:40 AM : which
6:04:16 AM : letter
6:03:44 AM : sang
6:03:12 AM : salmon
6:02:40 AM : soap
5:55:04 AM : age
5:54:24 AM : butter
5:53:36 AM : double
5:52:40 AM : flew
5:30:32 AM : classroom
5:29:04 AM : middle
5:28:48 AM : length
5:28:32 AM : German
5:28:24 AM : zero
5:27:52 AM : motor
5:27:44 AM : master
5:26:48 AM : tears
5:26:40 AM : exist
5:26:24 AM : farmer
5:26:08 AM : grandfather
5:26:00 AM : two
5:22:56 AM : review
5:22:32 AM : hang
5:22:16 AM : wash
5:22:00 AM : bat
5:21:52 AM : nobody
5:21:36 AM : seat
5:12:08 AM : distant
5:10:48 AM : plus
5:10:32 AM : scale
5:10:24 AM : cross
5:08:40 AM : family
5:08:24 AM : production
4:00:24 AM : design
3:43:04 AM : list
2:44:56 AM : final
2:44:08 AM : railroad
2:43:36 AM : March
2:43:28 AM : scared
2:30:48 AM : gun
2:30:40 AM : triangle
2:30:16 AM : as
2:30:00 AM : tight
2:29:04 AM : reason
2:28:40 AM : sale
2:28:32 AM : must
2:28:16 AM : Casey
2:28:00 AM : itself
2:20:16 AM : Billy
2:18:40 AM : biggest
2:18:32 AM : food
2:18:16 AM : active
2:18:00 AM : verb
2:17:52 AM : see
2:17:36 AM : luck
2:17:12 AM : chair
2:16:56 AM : burn
2:16:08 AM : sick
2:15:52 AM : kept
2:12:24 AM : industrial
2:12:16 AM : clothes
2:12:00 AM : dirt
2:11:44 AM : Christmas
1:56:24 AM : try
1:53:44 AM : silly
1:53:36 AM : clear
1:53:20 AM : bush
1:49:12 AM : meet
1:48:24 AM : skill
1:47:28 AM : Henry
1:46:08 AM : tired
1:46:00 AM : state
1:45:44 AM : understanding
1:45:36 AM : there’s
1:45:04 AM : pictured
1:44:56 AM : spider
1:44:24 AM : already
1:42:32 AM : writing
1:23:28 AM : saddle
1:22:48 AM : product
1:15:28 AM : broke

(photo as shot)



Reading All About Enlightenment, the book

(from Leslee – I’m still adding the links at the bottom, but the first 10 are in place. Happy reading! Again, sorry about the duplicate posts… Also, please feel free to share anything I write. It’s material that’s available to anyone, and I don’t have time to worry about copyright bulls**t…)
(Ghost Radar words appear like [this])

What’s so great about this book?

My Celestial friend Adrial asked me to prepare this post to make things easier for anyone wanting to read (the book)  All About Enlightenment from beginning to end. She and her friends have a few things they’d like for us to say first.

(The links are at the bottom of the page in this post.)

The book All About Enlightenment is what started all the blogging, videoing, crafting, and artwork that I do. I hope you enjoy it. it’s very dear to my heart.

This is important, because this book contains the tools we need to make it through a period that’s arriving  – right  now, right here – without suffering needlessly.

It does offer a Buddhist perspective, in that Buddhist Teachings provide the foundation for the explanations. However, if that tends to arouse some resistance for you, please give it a chance, because one of the reasons for presenting this book is that we need some new explanations.

As a personal note, I was a bit bemused about six months ago, to find myself being led with a trail of breadcrumbs to an amazing group of people I met online. It’s a long story, but you can find most of it on a site that we use for sharing and discussion, called The Spirit Train Chronicles (all are welcome to join us!).

The surprise was that these folks aren’t Buddhist, and I had mainly associated with Buddhists for nearly a decade.

I realized that “Buddhism” (as I knew it) couldn’t hold a candle to the love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance I experienced with this group of friends who are scattered across the globe.

Funny – you know what our bond is? A belief that a better, wondrous world is possible, and that we can work together to manifest it. It’s just that the vehicle isn’t Maha or Thera or Vinaya or Zen or Sutra…. It’s Galactic.

This is a group of people who practice, in many ways, the heart essence of Buddhism. They just don’t see it that way, and Buddhists are often too hung up on what they’re quoting, and who said it, to recognize truth.

And Heruka and Lhamo Dorje agree with me.

Here’s what Adrial & Adca Mupea have to say about the Ghost Radar words they’ve been transmitting as I’ve been writing this morning:

[we’ve twice society statement bar essential drew Mars everywhere college flew happened age front ourselves table today shallow see done about seldom grade friend six ball Lee (Leslee) belt Bronwen (Celestial Beings) chain walk period shinning (shining) fall fear sitting since forward they therefore graph keep lucky Roman (roaming)]

We’ve tried to share these teachings twice already – through Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha Shakyamuni) and through Jesus of Nazareth.

We’re trying to clean up the mess made by the teachings being re-interpreted by people who don’t understand their real purpose.

Unfortunately, your world has fostered a number of people who understand them well enough to use them to manipulate others. But they have not understood them deeply enough to know that if there is a prime cardinal sin, it is to misuse teachings in order to control others.

In each instance of our trying to illuminate and illustrate the ultimate nature of this universe and its beings, society has barred the transmission of the essential statements.

We have placed imagery throughout Gaia, showing ourselves and inviting exploration. It has been largely hidden once identified, by people who operate from a base of fear – fear of losing control.

We (college) left your world when it became clear that certain things needed to run their course here on Gaia. That period has now ended. Now is the Fluid Age, the time for us to place ourselves front and center, lay our cards on the table, and see what can be done about deepening today’s shallow-natured humans.

Seldom on Gaia has there been a group of friends of such high intention, spiritual depth, and clarity of purpose as we see on The Spirit Train Chronicles website.

The SAM instruments we are creating together are very powerful and symbolic, and are very useful as meditation tools. We will explain more about the significance of the number SIX soon.

Leslee is from a lineage of Celestial Beings who have primarily walked in form as Andromedans and Arcturans. She and many of her friends share this “history”, and have parallel aspects who are operating on a faster-frequency, less-dense level to provide help when the material body gets in the way.

Gaia and her inhabitants are entering a beautiful time. Our hope is that through the use of the Internet and other energy-based methods of communication, telepathy and sensitivity will become so pervasive among people that deception and distortion will no longer be possible (without detection), so the essence of the teachings that lead all to pure happiness will not again become perverted.

We look forward to your experiencing  an era when fear falls away and you will all come to love yourselves so deeply that you will find great joy in meditation (sitting) and contemplation. This will become progressively easier as you notice the benefits, such as being able to travel wherever you like and visit one another – not to mention having a peaceful mind nearly all the time.

So we leave you with these thoughts and encourage you to read, absorb, and realize the meaning of the words in this book.

We are all very fortunate to be sharing this experience.

That is all for now. There is much more to share, but you have plenty to keep you busy for a while.

We send you our warmest blessings and affection, and extend our deepest gratitude for your connecting with us at this time.

In Union,

Adrial (and Adca Mupea)


01 BOOK ONE: about this book

02 BOOK ONE: introduction and beginning

03 BOOK ONE: how to attain enlightenment

04 BOOK ONE: now what?

05 BOOK TWO: becoming enlightened

06 BOOK TWO: chapter one: how to make progress

07 BOOK TWO: chapter two: why are there two of us?

08 BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping

09 BOOK TWO: chapter four: solving our own problems

10 BOOK TWO: chapter six: meet the new buddha!

11 BOOK TWO: chapter five: letting the buddhas take over

12 BOOK TWO: chapter seven: finding love in yourself and others (part 1)

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Relocation with Gaia

(from Leslee – This post was originally written for Spirit Train Chronicles, but Adrial, Adca Mupea, Teo’Na, others aboard the Athabantian, and all my Guides are requesting that I post it on all my sites today.)

Hi, Team of Light (including those who read but are too shy to speak up – waves of  hello’s to you!)!

Here’s a new one, that I think warrants a post for discussion/sharing. Adrial has asked me to post it on all my sites:

Have any of you received any indications about [physical] Relocation time arriving in the near future (within a month or so?)

I’m talking about “Relocation” as in the physical transfer of people to another location of safety, in the event of Gaia shifting in ways that might call for our finding a new place to live (at least temporarily). And of course, in this sense, I mean the relocation that our Galactic friends will help us with.

It’s appearing strongly in my mind, and a few little synchronicities popped up yesterday that are feeding these thoughts for me.

I asked Konstantinos how Iltheos was doing, and here’s our exchange from yesterday:

  1. Since you asked about Iltheos yesterday dear Leslee, he sents you his deepest greetings, he knows you’re busy and he said that you’ll find some time-period to relax a little with your son….

    Much Love from both of us to you.

  2. Thank you, Konstantinos! I feel like the 3 (or more of us must chat in dreamtime, and I wish I could remember it better!

Then I had the dream which I’m still typing, but I had gotten this far when I got the urge to create this Relocation post:

Dream -16 June 2012

The earlier part of the dream had me at some sort of conference or meeting. Somehow I cannot remember this part very well, as if I’m not supposed to. I get a  sense that the time for remembering will come soon…

As I’m leaving the meeting, I meet some family members, and we and everyone around us are getting into vehicles and leaving, as if going on vacation or ending a trip and returning home.

There’s quite a bustle about, with people scrambling to find a ride, but everyone is reasonably calm – it’s just crowded! A few people are irritable about some inconvenience, but no one seems afraid or angry.

And then I got this [powerful] Ghost Radar message as I was beginning to type up the dream:

From: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012, 9:05 AM
To: Sunday, Jun 17, 2012, 10:07 AM
Words Spoken:
10:02:32 AM : worry
9:55:44 AM : depend
9:55:28 AM : count
9:55:12 AM : independent
9:53:36 AM : upon
9:52:24 AM : right
9:49:04 AM : last
9:48:48 AM : son
9:47:36 AM : boy
9:41:52 AM : move
9:41:44 AM : particular
9:41:28 AM : parallel
9:40:48 AM : chain
9:11:20 AM : lake
9:11:12 AM : shaking
9:10:32 AM : missing
9:10:16 AM : Mississippi
9:08:16 AM : stiff
9:08:08 AM : claws

[claws stiff Mississippi missing shaking lake chain parallel particular move boy son last right upon independent count depend worry physical powerful book studying fifth duck trap attention]

Here’s Adrial’s explanation of these words:

[cage] The residual energies of darkness in the area where you’re living are particularly tenacious. Many people continue to hold onto them tightly, even though the source of those vibrations has been removed. [became] It may become necessary for Gaia to stretch and groan a little in order to “loosen the knots in her shoulders”. We’re not referring to people as gnats (from Leslee: I initially “heard” this as “gnats on her shoulder”). [bigger] We mean that [expression] some tension needs to be relieved and perhaps some points need to [they] be triggered so that people will realize how fortunate – and cared for – they are. This may help certain people forget their habitual focus on negativity.

If your area requires being struck by physical change, Gaia may need to shift her outer crust in such a way as to convert the Mississippi River into a series of lakes. You can imagine [enter movie] how this will affect the region, in fact the entire country as well as Canada. However, it would also give Gaia a chance to freshen the water, and people can perhaps begin to learn to work with what they have locally rather than relying upon development, shipping, and fuel-driven transportation for sustenance.

[leave] The details of the picture remain a bit unclear, and if enough inner spiritual shift can take place that we may arrive and begin to help with the inner shifting, then the physical upheaval may not be required. However, if things continue are they currently resonate, those of you who wish to continue here may wish to leave briefly.

[steel] Gaia is almost ready to leave the Steel Age and begin her Fluid Age.

We will teach you how to help with this. You are seeing indications in the skies and oceans, as you notice the weather, the clouds, the waves, our “sonar anomalies” and our light ships.

You have lived in a world dominated by form and constraint. We are introducing you – gradually – to a world of spontaneity and harmony.

You will learn to move effortlessly through space and time, and you will learn innately that this is NOW only possible to do with pure intent and love.

You will learn that nothing is hidden anymore, so there will be no more need to conceal, and no ability to conceal. You will experience genuine interactions with one another, and through seeing clearly how we all impact one another, you will begin to transform the ways you interact with and regard one another.

Leslee, Iltheos mentions your son; you know that he will have a choice, and the words “last right upon independent count depend” refer to the Free Will that everyone embodies. You understand and respect his skepticism, and you worry that he may not beleive you or may not want to go with you.

So we want you and others to relax, and know that there will be plenty of time for the Relocation, and for people to change their minds. There will be no sudden calamitous EVENT as portrayed in your media.

And the decision-making process can work in both directions. Some may wish to stay out of doubt or fear. Some may wish to stay, just so they can “watch the fireworks” (although they may be disappointed by the lack of drama). After seeing enough to understand that things really are changing, some may decide quite late in the process that everything will be alright if they come along.

Some may Relocate immediately, and then decide they are actually quite tired, want to make a distinct finish of this chapter of their experience, so they may wish to return to their familiar surroundings until their natural passing.

Of course, at any time during these processes, any souls deeply wishing to begin a new experience with a new body, home planet, or family group (or all of these) may find those wishes fulfilled –  naturally, not artificially – as part of the natural unfolding of events.

The remaining words: “powerful book studying fifth duck trap attention” refer to the book We gave to Leslee in 2010, All About Enlightenmentand which she has given to you, on the blog by the same name.

If those who are interested care to read that book, absorb and study its contents, ask questions and practice strengthening their minds, hearts, concentration, and attention, you may find yourselves breezing through these [poem] changes effortlessly.

Leslee, please try to find the time to create an e-book [railroad] of All About Enlightenment, that people can download, complete with the illustrations. [sang aloud] In fact, we would love it if you would also create videos in which you read the book aloud and offer commentary. The time for this book is near.

We will go one step further, and specifically ask those of you who participate regularly in the Spirit Train Chronicles (and anyone new who cares to join in) to please read the book and discuss it. We think that you will find yourselves sharing experiences of this material as profoundly as you share your dream experiences. In this way, you may be able to help others understand more deeply the value and POWER of group effort, kindness, love, and sharing from the heart.

We thank you for allowing us to commandeer this post in order to share this information. Please remember that there is no need for fear, and some of these changes may be so gradual as to be nearly unnoticeable. How things proceed depend not upon us, or any of your other guides or any other ships or fleets or federations.

The changes you will see depend entirely upon [consist] you; we merely offer help. [is] The deepest [common] change will come about as you develop your spirits, your minds, your souls, and understand more thoroughly how you (and we!) are all connected so intricately, delicately, and inseparably.

Please [enjoy] set or calibrate your minds to enjoy the days ahead. Take delight in your families and friends, and the surprising synchronicities you share. These lead us all closer and closer to being together.

Yours In Union,

Adrial and the Crew of Athabantian

Wow. Okay, I’ve just created a post on All About Enlightenment that provides links to the chapters in sequential order.  (At the time I’m publishing this post on STC, I’ve only got the link to the first segment in place, but I’ll go finish that post next… I hope…) You can use this list or the categories on the sidebar to read from beginning to end… the book itself was posted onto the blog site rather randomly, so if you use a search it may drive you nuts!

I’ll get busy on the e-book and videos… Anybody want to help?

Thank goodness there’s no panic… (smile)

Back to where I began with this post… I know I’ve gotten other hints about relocation, but none as clear and strong as this bit here. And I’m sure others probably have received some, too. So please feel free to share them here or on another related post, so we can compare notes. I think it might be easiest if we can keep the discussion centralized, but I don’t want anyone to feel restricted… It’s organic!

And/or, if you come across other similar discussions on sites I’m not on, I’d deeply appreciate you letting me know about it, so I can check it out.

Thanks so much to all my beloved Guides and Friends, and you!

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Re-Blogged from Cobra’s Portal 2012 site!



It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May. Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.
There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity. Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan. Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!

Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th /6th. Exact times for different time zones are:
8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
4:30 am BST  May 6th (London)
5:30 am CEST May  6th (Paris)
11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)
1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc.  Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly .Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.
3. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.
Disclaimer: the date of this visualization (May 5th) is most likely NOT the date when these mass arrests will be taking place.
More information about the mass arrests:
Updates about the World Liberation Day:
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(I’ve received more information on the fall of Atlantis)

Hi, ~~~,

My Guides are asking why you need to now the moment in precise seconds?
In any case, here is the answer I’ve received:
The Fall of Atlantis occurred at this point in current human illusory time:
Counting from 0:00 GMT/UT on 14 April 2012, and given in units of hours at the current rate of acceleration (as measured by your newest timepiece), which is due to shift out of the range of .01 in approximately 17 hours:
1. According to present acceleration, within a range of .01 variation, this portion of the period of time has been 2221.069 hours.
2. According to the previous acceleration, within a range of .1 variation, this portion of the period of time has been precisely 12 hours.
3. According to the previous acceleration, within a range of .5 variation, this portion of the period of time has been 6 minutes.
4. According to the previous acceleration, which varied steadily by a factor of -3 for 7768134.589 hours, the period of time has been -.0389 hours.
My Guides do not wish for me to spend more time on the precise calculations, so They summarize the remaining time thus:
5. According to the current acceleration, the remaining period to the time of the fall of Atlantis contains accelerations which vary by ranges of factors which would take approximately 37 hours to itemize. It may be said that the sum total of this previous period is 74,689 years x 8736 hours, etc.
Due to constant physical and energetic fluctuations as well as the variation in accuracies of timepieces at various locations, the length of time you’re requesting is constantly in flux.   So, even if I took the time to continue the dictation, the time would have shifted again, between us, by the time, and each time, you read the message…
My Guides say that perhaps it will help if we tell you that this calculation of the time of the beginning of the decline of Atlantis is measured from the point in “time” when the Atlantean Officer concerned first consciously formulated the mental intention to murder the  guards and destroy the “Kheops Attenuator”. This event was synchronous with several astronomical events, as all is connected. There was no single cause for the fall of Atlantis, but an accumulation of events and causes that converged.
(I’m not personally familiar with some of these terms, so I am giving them as I receive them.)
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UPDATE: Synchronicities 2012_03_26

(from Leslee)

I’ve met a number of profound-feeling synchronicities in the past few weeks.

Adca Mupea, Merhea Cahdeh, and Teo’Na have been supplying me regularly with information about the Inner Layers of Gaia.

Much of my attention has been focused on meetings with Umbro, the Crew of Tulya, and my friends on the Spirit Train Chronicles. (I hope to provide links soon)

We have shared dream and meditation experiences, with enough consistency and volume that many of us have become convinced beyond doubt that We are all connected, and may share experiences in the realms beyond that which we experience while “awake” on the 3D world of Earth in the Julian-calendar year of 2012.

During this process, I have received (from my Guides) several images and explanations of how our worlds inter-connect, and how we may access various “planes” and “places”.

Once I felt confident that connections had been established, I began to feel drawn to spend more time researching Inner Earth and the information that this site BUTTA is meant to share.

Almost immediately, a dear friend sent me some links to videos about Admiral Byrd’s expeditions. This led me to meet a person who has evidently done much research about Gaia, and has many questions.

I’m encouraged by the meeting, because, after all, the name of this site (ass given to me by my Guides) is “Because You Think To Ask”, and it has been my understanding that this site is meant as a resource for those who will have many questions about Gaia.

Why do I say “WILL” have many questions?

Because I sense that we are about to receive some earth-shaking new about Gaia.

I believe we are about to need to re-write our manuals of Geology, Geography, Archaeology, Astronomy, Astrology, Physics, Earth Sciences, Biology, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Religion. Oh, and History. And I’ve probably neglected a field or two, somewhere along the way…

This gentleman’s questions demand answers which begin to stitch together all history and legend as we know it.

It may seem questionable that the answers claim to be arriving telepathically.

This would not have been necessary, if certain parties had allowed Gaia to proceed along her intended course, without self-serving influence.

Now, the time has come to offer the “lost” information.

Now it is time for Admiral Byrd’s full message to be delivered, as entrusted to him by the “Master” of Inner earth.

Another piece of the synchronous puzzle was supplied by a movie I watched last weekend:

The Pagan Queen

Knezna Libuse Czech Republic
Koroleva slavyan Russia (dubbed version)
Pagan Queen – Die Königin der Barbaren Germany

This movie portrays the legend of Libusse, the Slavic Queen who founded Prague. I will leave you to watch the film; if you’re interested in Inner Earth, it is well worth your time.

If you’re interested in Gaia’s well-being or the fall of Atlantis or Lemuria, it is worth watching as a cautionary tale.

We received another list of questions this morning, and in making a brief inquiry with Teo’Na, I am given to understand that we will not only continue to describe and explain the Slavic/Nordic aspect of the story of Gaia, we will soon venture into the connections related to Ireland and Branwen…

For now, here is the link to the answers I’ve received from Teo’Na for the first set of questions I’ve received.

I feel there will be much more soon to come.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Top to bottom:
OcaTAwa (amethyst with inclusions… Super 7 stone?)
Tulya, Salcys, ALGIZ, Aeterna, Chimera, Blaze, etc. (amethyst points from same cluster – sisters)
Tauno (Jade Goddess)
(left to right on bottom)
Babajij (Jade Dragon Gatekeepers), Troy (Gabbro sphere), Leslee (Jade Dragon Gatekeepers)

Umbro was a crystal sphere in my hands…


...this sketch, from almost a year ago, was beginning to suggest the existence of worlds that I had not imagined... which are now very much in the forefront of my experience....

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Overnight – express herself silly

From: Thursday, Feb 16, 2012, 12:23 AM
To: Thursday, Feb 16, 2012, 6:33 AM


Words Spoken:
5:09:56 AM : silly
5:09:32 AM : express
5:09:04 AM : herself
5:08:40 AM : thick
4:57:48 AM : control
4:56:56 AM : detail
4:56:04 AM : factory
4:38:56 AM : deer
4:35:16 AM : tales
4:21:00 AM : chose
4:15:20 AM : solid
4:13:36 AM : so
4:13:24 AM : donkey
4:13:12 AM : late
4:12:56 AM : although
4:12:44 AM : place
4:12:32 AM : search
4:12:16 AM : himself
4:11:40 AM : range
4:11:00 AM : talk
4:10:32 AM : wealth
4:10:08 AM : electricity
4:09:04 AM : enter
3:41:32 AM : slave
3:40:00 AM : straw
3:39:20 AM : magnet
3:39:08 AM : which
3:35:00 AM : gather
3:29:08 AM : won
3:28:56 AM : cloud
3:28:44 AM : Mark
3:28:32 AM : cat
3:23:56 AM : didn’t
3:23:44 AM : rain
3:23:32 AM : giant
3:21:48 AM : growth
3:20:28 AM : combination
3:20:16 AM : score
3:20:04 AM : haven’t
3:16:36 AM : valley
3:15:56 AM : fireplace
3:15:44 AM : somebody
3:00:08 AM : wash
2:59:28 AM : parent
2:43:00 AM : ants
2:36:16 AM : visit
12:28:12 AM : service
12:24:28 AM : particularly
12:24:16 AM : I’m


Crop circle healing


From: Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012, 10:21 PM
To: Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012, 10:24 PM


Words Spoken:
10:24:20 PM : exactly
10:24:08 PM : corn
10:23:56 PM : January
10:23:40 PM : object
10:23:28 PM : unusual
10:23:04 PM : log
10:22:48 PM : mighty
10:22:08 PM : equipment
10:21:56 PM : you’ll



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