Tauno`s observations

A  Crackled Amnesia

My first conscious idea of the animal and plants  kingdom on Earth for this life time was when I was about 4 years old. I envisioned Africa as it was pictured in books for little children. It was a fantastic world of weird animals that live only there. In my fantasy the crocodile could smile and play the violin , the zebra could be lion`s best friend and the monkey could go to the dentist and to a football match :)

As I grew up the things got more complicated and the little Africa – that of my childish memory grew bigger and severer with predators and preys – just like in the “real” life. They taught me that friends do not exist and the life is in fact a race and a fight for survival.

But I kept the vision of my little Africa alive in my heart. I always asked myself why people are born and why they pass. It seemed to me  that there is something hidden. I didn`t want to simply die and diappear in the nothingness. What is the purpose of all that if we simply die. I couldn’t`t stand someone to scream at all.This was a real punishment along with breaking things and destroying something created.Violence is self destructive in its nature. If there was only violence, how can we survive and why the babies are born innocent. It is so easy to get a biscuit from a baby and he/she would smile to you when the biscuit is taken with a smile. Babies know how to Love Unconditionally.

I had a dream that shook me greatly when I was 5 or 6. I was at home – a beautiful palace in a beautiful magic wood full of Light in a lazy summer afternoon, I woke up and I saw the same Light in my room, my amnesia was never meant to rule my current life time. I remembered home where grace and beauty live, where only Love exists. At that early age I realized that I am meant to be of Light.Living in my light became usual to me.

I have overcome so many difficulties and healed so many wounds in my current life. My spiritual path led me to the knowledge of different cultures and teachings that are not studied at school. I have always known that God exists. We are organisms and every cell of ours functions with perfect synchronicity with the others. Therefore, every cell has consciousness. We are Universes. And being so, we must be existing like  cells in a bigger organism that exists in the biggest one – God, the Source, All That Is – in an endless creative way!

Recently I have glimpses of memory from past life experiences when I was one of the creators of the nature on Mother Earth. When this happens I am in peace, relaxed and I feel myself  light as I could lift up and fly. I feel that I can talk with all life on Earth, even with the wind. I can even remember how I looked like during that time and how my friends co-creators looked like. I know that I am a very old soul and I was involved in the creation of the plant and mineral kingdom on Earth. This explains my deep understanding and my ability to feel the plants and crystals.

I have always been looking for people with my understanding and knowledge. this is an inner knowledge encoded in us. And now we all start to recognize it and to gather in groups. This is not by chance, this is a mission, we are here now to help this planet to Ascend. we are here to give her our Love and Light. When you read these words, please, visualize our New Earth -in her pristine beauty as it was eons ago when we created her. Our visualization makes this happen more quickly! What a practical way to finish my revelation :)

Love you all!


Crystal  meditation  by Tauno

Everything is based on intuition and insight. I will start with intuition – the speech of the Spirit through the Heart. You have to be in a state of presence to hear the voice or your intuition. As SauSa says, there are many different voices in our inner world. I call them thoughts. Intuition is different from these thoughts as they are based on different emotions – fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, concern, joy, love, happiness, loud happiness J   All these voices are somehow at the opposing poles of duality. To hear the voice of your intuition you should be balanced or present in that infinite Now moment and to become a friend with Balance.

Here are many stones that I know you may use to develop your intuitive abilities – amethyst, moonstone, labradorite,  blue and violet jade, rose quartz , aquamarine, smoky quartz, obsidian , Lemurians, Super seven, the last two have high Light vibrations and are perfect for meditations.  In general, crystals with violet, blue or white colours are the best because they work with third eye chakra and the crown chakra and are best for communicating with the higher energies.

Amethyst is a very strong crystal for connections with higher Beings from the Angelic realms especially when it is combined with rose quartz.

When you hold your crystal in your hand and you are relaxed and ready for meditation, start with several deep breaths in and slowly out to feel complete relax. I meditate in my armchair mostly.

Close your eyes. Then try to concentrate till all your thoughts concerning your daily activities slowly fade, do not try to get them out in a violent way, be gentle with them, teach them with the knowledge of the Universe that is within you, they need your teaching and when they receive what they want they will go. Now you are One with the Spirit. Open your eyes. The crystal in your hand is both a toolfor connection and your beloved friend that guides you through this journey. Look at it. Feel it, enter in it, become One with the crystal. You are living there, it is your home. Now invite your guest into your home and start a conversation with her/him. This guest is the Spirit and this is You at the same time, try to hear the Spirit. It is not necessary to speak at all, you may receive images, you may receive Light or geometrical figures, listen, be open and you will receive what you need. Feel gratitude, feel that enormous Light that lives in your heart. Remember what you are told. Be thankful to all that comes into your direction and send them Light.



End of the meditation

My connection with AA Michael`s Energy – Meditation Part I

I did this series of meditations a few months ago by keeping my focus on a special place on Earth – Mount Shasta
I have been invited in a beautiful garden with roses, the colours were rose, yellow, orange, green, white, light heavenly colours. I was dressed like an Angel and my hair was long, light chestnut with waves and I had a wreath of flowers in my hair, I felt light and blissful like an Angel and I was a guest there although I could not see the Host nor anyone there. But I had the feeling of being watched as I sat by a table in the garden among the roses. This was a kind of test for my application to visit AA Michael Heavenly Realm. I was tested at a Soul level but I cannot remember having a conversation with someone, this was done telepathically. There was such a beauty there and such a peace that one is unwilling to go after such an experience.

Part II
When I felt myself ready for the second level I had the following meditation

I was in a place that resembles the cave from “ Lord of the Rings” that Gandalf fell down with the Beast in a fight. The same colours and the same fires. I saw a fiery circle. I saw dragons flying and sounds, it was another test. I remember hearing words, magical words, past time memories , but I was calm and strong, I felt my I Am that has a Power able to deal with this energy around, I felt My I AM Presence .

Part III

When I felt ready for the next level I started meditation with the intent to meet AA Michael

I was in clouds, a bright blue sky, pure white clouds and fresh and uplifting energy! Noone there , just me and the feeling I Am in AA Michael`s Heavenly Realms! I had passed the tests and yes, I feel AA Michael`s energy, I Am Here Now!
Thank You, AA Michael!
Thank You, my Guides and Guardian Angels!

After a sequence of meditations I asked my Guides to reveal to me my spritual vibration/name. The first one that I received was – LONAM
I decided to look up if this has a meaning here in 3D world , and look what I have found, I smiled when I opened this site


Thank You, my Guides

My names in spiritual world are LONAM and Tauno
Both names include the mantra AOUM/OM/AUM
Tauno I was whispered from Elves and Elvish language, it resonates with peace
LONAM came via meditation where was connected with AA Michael and Jeshua`s energy

Lyra is where I come from

Thank You

Love and Light



My Dear Family of Light
Here is the answer of my question about the bees, it is amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle connected with my own past fall into place. Patience worths, persistence worths, Spirit has given me the answer today. The vision of the Bee that appeared several times in my meditations reveals both part of my past /connection with Druids/ as well as the current re-connection with Souls I have spent lifetimes with

Thanks to http://www.marafreeman.blogspot.com for the image and the explanation
“In Scotland’s western isles, people once talked of ‘the secret knowledge of the bees,’ for these tiny creatures were thought to embody the ancient wisdom of the Druids.
So what did the Druids know? Bees have long been considered divine messengers from the gods. And until quite recently in the Highlands and Islands, people thought that, when in sleep, trance or death, the soul left the body in the form of a bee – a belief that has clear druidic origins. Druids were trained in the art of the ‘soul-flight,’ by which they could journey to the Otherworld for knowledge from the spirits. They would probably have endorsed the tenet beloved of the mystery schools of the Near East: Si sapis, sis apis! – If you would be wise, be a bee!”

Love and Light


3 thoughts on “Tauno`s observations

  1. Tauno says:

    My experience with a cup of coffee :)
    As I was taking the last sip of coffee this afternoon and was thinking of my conversation with Leslee a quite significant shapes formed from the coffee lees at the bottom of the cup
    I saw two figures – me and Leslee
    Les was on the right since America is on the West of Europe, the smaller figure was me on the left
    Les was pointing towards me and i was pointing above above the two figures there was White energy blanket that formed the letter M and above this M was a phoenix , next to me there were 7 followers and a little far from Les there were about 3 figures, we were standing over a mountain that looked like a pyramid – Mount Shasta
    Later was sitting in the garden looking at the clouds – I saw the same picture in the clouds but the followers next to me were missing …after Les there was a huge cloud that followed her :)
    A lovely sign for connection achieved
    Love and Light

  2. Tauno says:

    Dear Friends
    I felt the information about the emerging crystals of Atlantis as a significant part of my mission on Earth Now
    When I have read the message
    I felt an impulse to send my LOVE HEALING and PROTECTION to the crystals because I Know that is True, I have seen underground crystals many times in meditations connected with pyramids / octahedrons

    I was shown the first crystal connected with me in meditation before reading this message , the second one of this couple appeared in my dream last night, here is what I have found out

    1. The natural rough piece of crystal resembling amethyst with tiny silver shining particles in Her I saw in my meditation, This is the Female crystal
    She is dark violet
    Shape – nearly cubic but not a cube, a rough crystal
    Located on the North
    2. The natural clear transparent crystal( resonates with Lemurians/Leos) is the Male crystal. I saw Him in my dream of last night after a meditation with one of my Lemurians.
    Shape – kind of cubic but not yet, with many little crystal points on His surface
    Located on the South
    Location – Egypt
    I Am connected with these two crystals , I do not know exactly where I am – “between” the two crystals or on the North of them, but I feel the male is in Egypt, the vision that I received again of the pyramid of Giza leaves no doubts in me about this location,
    As far as I feel a strong connection with Northern Europe it is possible the Female crystal to be somewhere there and if it is so, I am between them

    Thank You, Spirit!

  3. Tauno says:


    Dear Friends
    Here are some of the meditations that I made at the same time with Leslee
    I feel that i have to share them with you
    Love and Light

    9 August 2012

    First my Lemurian showed me the letter M, this letter appears very often and i feel this is a sign of my connection with you, two ^ together ^^
    Then three shining dots – like a pyramid with shining top and two more shining dots at the pyramid roots
    Then I saw a ballerina or elf :) – I think of Lisa
    Then I received – ” You all participate, when two are connected , all of you are connected, You Are the Key, You are holding the Past and the Future in your hands”
    The Lemyrian showed me a pyramid, octahedron and the Rune X – GEBO which means connection, a gift, cooperation
    ALGIZ dropped from my hand three times in this meditation, thus drawing my focus on Herself, She showed me a kind of Lotus flower with three leaves
    Then I saw the letter Y which is an ancient Bulgarian Rune that together with IYI is a sign of the dynasty that set the foundations of the current Bulgaria , I do not know the meaning of Rune Y but I feel it is a sign of eternity together with IYI and the Rune itself means Glory/Victory
    Lemurian showed me the same Lotus, the two crystals started to give signs in synchronicity
    I saw a Wolf
    Then ALGIZ showed me an Angel and I saw the letters AM – I think of AA Michael Who is my Guide, I saw a face that I connect with Agarthians
    ALGIZ showed me two human figures standing together which means cooperation
    When I was writing all this down on a paper I opened my hand and the Lemurian showed me three Runes bonded together

    Then ALGIZ showed me + and the number 46 and a flying bird


    10 August 2012
    I meditated with Leos and ALGIZ this time and dropped ALGIZ only once in meditation
    I saw the Rune TEIWAZ (TIR) that means victory, ALGIZ showed me the Rune
    Leos showed me a pool, at the center of this pool there was a fountain/Abi-Qor?/
    Then I saw some tall white Beings of Light, think of Lemurians, there was definitely one woman with them with dark hair /Kwan Yin?/
    I asked them – Who are You?
    Received – Gatekeepers
    Then saw Twin Flames reunion
    Then many Beings of Light without bodies, they were spheres of Light, I asked who are they and received – Eui`s crew
    Then Leos showed me a face that reminded me of Umbro
    I saw again pyramids and octahedrons and X
    I received an interesting information about ALGIZ, she told me that She can provide images but Leos is more dynamic , ALGIZ helps energetically providing Light and High vibrations, Leos is the “Screen”
    I saw in Leos an Eagle trying to overcome the depths, it was a brave eagle, turning into a Bee / Dragonfly and then became a bird again and flew up from the depth

    Another information is that a Soul or group of Souls want to join us in meditations, this Soul`s totem are Wolf, Bear, Lion
    When wrote this down on the paper I opened my left hand and Leos showed me a Being, then two Beings holding their hands and forming a letter H, up between them there was a flying saucer

    During the meditation I saw the letter M again

    Love and Light, my dear friends !

    14 August 2012

    I had amazing meditation, was able co connect deeply with Leos and He gave me His message
    I saw a triangle once again and the Rune TEIWAZ
    Leos showed me Eui`s crew , they are so many/they are spheres of Light/ and it is so wonderful, A Great Angel of light was with them too
    Then I was connected with Adama and saw the mountains again and Native Americans tepees, I think native Americans were connected with Lemurians from Telos, I saw a Chief, He was performing a spiritual dance and was in a way out of his physical body, I saw him three of more folded as if not only one person was dancing but the many facets of Him
    Then I received His name – White Tatanka and in fact He looked quite like Sitting Tatanka

    Then I saw a pyramid- Giza perhaps and a energetic portal at the pyramid top, then I saw Nefertiti
    I was so amazed and at this moment Leos dropped from my hand and fell on me over my heart
    also Leos told me that this kind of meditations are informative ones and the meditation that I do sometimes before sleep is for bringing Light and connecting Mother Earth with the Great Central Sun and the two types of meditations are of benefit for all

    Namaste my sister

    My Blessings and Protection be with You
    Love and Light
    ( ( SUN ) )

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