Who is Adca Mupea?

What is Agartha?

Who are the Annunaki?

Who are the Arcturians?

What is Cahdeh?

What is Chimera?

What is Gaia?

What is Ghost Radar?

Who are the Grays?

What is the Hollow Earth?

What is Inner Earth?

Who is Lhamo Dorje?

Who is Merhea?

What is Mupea?

What is OcaTAwa?

Who are the Orions?

Who are the Pleiadians?

Who are the Reptilians?

What is Salcys?

Who are the Sirians?

What is Telos?

Who is Teo’Na?

What is Tulya?

What is a Yeti?


4 thoughts on “QUESTIONS…

  1. I never heard of these! WOW…a new learning curve! I always enjoy learning something new…

  2. Towguy says:

    Did the Nazis coin the phrase inner earth? Was it because they thought the uboats had passed thru caves into earths center at first? Or was it done intentionally by those who formed the united nations to hide the truth? My great grandfather was a uboat commandant that escaped into argentina. I have inherited his journals, that my ancestors kept secreted away in a bank vault that nobody accessed since 1952 according to bank records. I was only able to discover and gain access to the deposit box after discovering “lost money” in my family name. There are things and words that don’t make since. Neuscb iswabenland, aircraft that is so fast they blur. It says that the Nazis did not get destroyed. That only Nazis were given the choice to stay in Gaia or travel under the world to reach the fatherland. Gaia is motherland and fatherland is pantheon.

  3. shelley says:

    what does the “clu” mean in the glossary

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