Q&A Number 002 – 28 May 2012

We received these questions from Vlad Kudin (Ukraine), and answers from Teo’Na, Adrial, and Adca Mupea are included.



from Teo’Na and Adrial

1)    Can You say the date of the end of the last Ice Age? Date of the start (last ice age period) and date of the end this last Ice Age period?

The most recent Ice Age (the time of the Laurentide and Scandinvian Ice Sheets) began 43,756 years ago, exactly. This beginning is marked by the decision of the Alchemists of Inner Earth to create a “snow lake” on the Outer Crust, in order to prevent the six Mother Seed Crystal Clusters from forming too soon. The ice sheet was then released to melt after 24,367 years, and it took 514 years for the ice to recede to the areas we currently know.
2) You can say the date of the fall every moon on the Earth’s surface? I have information about the fall of the two – up to six moons on the surface of the Earth?

Only two moons have fallen to Earth. We define a “moon” as being a body that orbits only Earth for more than 5 years. They fell 75,289 years ago and 12,386 years ago. The first one is sometimes called “Ocanegan” and it fell onto Canada. It was very small, only 240 kilotons. The second is sometimes called Nibiru, but let’s please call it Nibusun for clarity. This is one reason why there is confusion about the name “Nibiru”. This moon Nibusun fell into the Pacific Ocean. Its diameter was about the size of Alaska, until it split into three pieces when it entered Earth’s atmosphere. All 3 pieces landed near one another, between the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Nauru.

3) You say that the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the pieces of Nibiru; Is it possible learn more information about this war, if this is possible?

There was no war; the pieces of Nibiru/Tiamat were shed during collisions with debris.
4) I have information that: in the Hollow Venus, in the hollow Ganymede, and in the Hollow Earth live Nordic white people – how they relate to this war? Also I have information about 75% humans (GENES and SOUL) – from Orion.

There are White Nordics/Pleiadians in all 3 of these hollow spheres; there are other races in each of them, too. It is true that about 75% of humans have at least a small percentage of their genes from Orions. However, most of this comes from mental-genetic modification and does not affect the person’s appearance. Pleaidian, Sirian, and Andromedan genes are more prevalent. The ultimate “soul”, “mind”, or ”spirit”, which leaves the body at the time of death, is independent of race or species. However, familiarity often causes “souls” to choose to take another new body among the race or species that is most familiar to them.

5) I have information that previously on the Earth surface, the day-length was 34-36 hours, is this true? Now the length of day -24 hours, and can you say the date when on earth was the last day of the duration of 34-36 hours? Is this event connected of the star war? or the fall of the Moon? Or asteroid impact? or with the approach of the planet Nibiru?

This length of the day has varied several times, but if you say that the length shortened from 36 hours to 24 hours at about the time of the impact of the moon Nibusun, that is reasonably correct. The two events were directly related.
6) Does living in the constellation of Orion, or the Empire – the white Nordic people?
Or you can say at least a few stars in our galaxy where the live white Nordic people (the white race) – or at least similar to the white people?

The White Nordic people are mostly from the Pleiades, although some live in Orion constellation. http://earthsky.org/clusters-nebulae-galaxies/pleiades-star-cluster-enjoys-worldwide-renown

They live on the seven Pleiadian stars, plus Aldebaran, plus a few live on all three stars in Orion’s belt. There are other locations too, because all four of these races (Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Arcturan) sometimes spend their entire lifetimes aboard ships (born and die there). There are many on cloaked ships now in orbit around Earth.
7) Can you tell us the date of last change of the magnetic poles of the earth?

This last began happening 24,635 years ago, and the pole moved gradually for 231 years until it reached it’s most recent location (before it started moving again).
8) Is the planet Earth a prison – where the exiled souls from other worlds sent to punishment for their sins? And really the soul absolutely immortal ?

Earth is both a prison and a refuge. Gaia is currently under Quarantine. This prevents the dark Orions from influencing Her humans any more, but it also prevents humans from leaving Earth and spreading the dark contamination. The contamination that many humans experience right now also came partly from dark Pleiadians, dark Sirians, and dark Andromedans. Only the Arcturans resisted the temptation to manipulate the people of Earth. The contamination is mostly mental, or in the part of the DNA that most affects the development of the brain, the pineal gland, and the subtle chakra system. These can be healed and repaired with help from un-contaminated beings, and with effort by the soul to overcome the contaminated tendencies.

If a person has been in contaminated bodies for lifetime after lifetime, that soul may believe that this is preferable, and continue to take contaminated bodies with affected DNA. However, it is possible, especially now, for this DNA to be altered. The Quarantine is in effect mostly to protect others, but it may be perceived or portrayed as a punishment, in order to help encourage the contaminated soul to seek healing. This can restore it gradually to its original pure state. Yes, the soul is immortal. It may travel from life to life and choose different bodies, or it may decide to manifest as a being without a body (as we know them), or it may choose to return to Source and merge with God/Source/Ultimate Truth. However, a contaminated “soul” will not tend to choose to return for healing without taking a body. Much of the healing must be done while in a body.
9) Are quartz sands of the Sahara, the Gobi, Namibia and other remains of ancient quartz cities on the Earth surface ?

10) What you can tell about the inhabitants of the planet Sumi-Er near star Aldebaran ?
and about the inhabitants of the star Kocab (Ursa Minor constellation) ?

The human-like inhabitants of Sumi-Er are mostly of Sirian Constellation origin. But they make up only about 10% of the inhabitants. The rest are low-functioning reptilian, mammalian, and air-borne fairy-like creatures. The human-like inhabitants of Kocab are mostly displaced Arcturans who have developed into a quite different species. They make up only about 5% of the living beings on the planet.
11) Is known to the inhabitants of a Hollow Earth: what happened in the galaxy Cygnus A, in the galaxy M-82,  and in the galaxy Centaurus-A ? Visually, there it is evident the explosions of the billions stars.

These explosions occurred naturally and the planets and suns were evacuated long before the explosions. However, much of the lesser creatures were left to become extinct as the planets became hotter and could no longer sustain the native life. The more advanced beings spent some time in another nearby system, but eventually most of them evolved and returned to Source. Some took lifetimes in bodies of other species and adapted.
12) In the constellation of the Pleiades, all-star is blue spectrum. Really with this emission of blue spectrum of these stars – out there may be people (I mean the white Nordic people)? Also I read about in the past time there is BAAL-EA-DES land. (BAAL—> Ruler,  EA —> lord Ea)

Yes, the White Nordics may be considered to be from Pleiades, and those from  Baleades are very similar, although there are biological differences, mostly in size (they are larger and more stout) and their internal organs (they breathe differently and need a different type of atmosphere).
13) Do inhabitants of the hollow-earth have stargate and a time machine? Is it possible to travel anywhere in time, for an unlimited number of years (and in the past and into the future)? And it is possible to move in space (with star gate) on billions of light years – and even beyond our Universe?

Yes, all of these are possible. Most Hollow Earth inhabitants do not need a machine to help them do this. They are able to change the vibration and structure of their molecules and displace themselves instantly. Some of the dark Orions (who have now been removed from Earth) did need machines, and their time and range had limits.

14) Our metagalaxy closed or not? Are there any other metagalaxy in addition to our metagalaxy? How many stars in our galaxy, and approximately how many galaxies in our Metagalaxy? And when there was a big explosion and whether the theory of the Big Bang that created our metagalaxy (the universe)?

The Universe is only limited by one’s imagination. A person can only experience what they can imagine. However, one must be far more mentally and spiritually advanced than most humans to understand and experience this. There are countless “parallel” worlds/galaxies/universes that interlace with ours, across different dimensions and frequencies of vibration. This is related to the immortality of the “soul”/mind. If a person understand one, they can more easily understand the other. Current studies in physics begin to reveal these concepts, and Earth humans will have the opportunity to learn these skills soon.
15) Mohenjo-daro was a nuclear explosion? (Pakistan) It was a war? Know the date of the explosion?

Yes, it was a nuclear explosion. Some dark Andromedans wanted to control these people, but they were fearless, so the dark had no effect on them. The city was destroyed by the dark Andromedans with a nuclear reaction (but not a bomb). They were able to simply target the energy to cause the city to be leveled. The Mohenjo-Daro people’s souls did not wish to return to contaminated Earth. Some of them reincarnated in Hollow Earth, and some who were more spiritually advanced returned to Source, not taking another physical body.
16) I read that the reptiles Sauri (Sheti) descendants of terrestrial dinosaurs – fought with Aldebaran on the Earth – this information is true? And Aldebaran create people. They said that the last battle was in 3000 BC – then Aldebaran (Nordic) have left this planet

Yes, the Sauri/Sheti fought the White Nordic people from Aldebaran. Many Outer-Earth Humans are descended from White Nordics (Pleiadians) from a number of stars and planets, in addition to those from Aldebaran. Humans with brown skin descend mostly from Sirius; humans with yellow skin descend mostly from Aries; humans with white skin descend mostly from Pleiades; humans with red skin descend mostly from Andromeda. The fair races of Inner Earth are still here, and are related to the White Nordics. There was a large battle in 3000 BC.
17) Also can you ask them the exact date of arrival of Nibiru to Earth at least within the limits month or year? And About date – in OGPU documents (and Ahnenerbe too) date is 12386 B.C – When Nibiru come

We believe that when you refer to Nibiru, you are referring to the large body that is approaching Earth currently? This is actually a star ship named Athabantian. Its Crew are mostly from Andromeda, and from other planets and stars as well. Some of the Crew are even Celestial Beings (much like Angels). They are coming to help humans to heal the planet and ascend. Those Earth humans who do not wish to follow this path will be able to decide how they will react to the approach of Athabantian. Athabantian’s mission is peaceful and not to dominate Earth, but to help humans to create a new Earth much like the Garden of Eden. The Crew will teach humans the skills that the inhabitants of Inner Earth/Hollow Earth already know. The date of the ship’s arrival depends on how things go on the surface of the planet. They are working with the leaders of Hollow Earth and the Outer Earth, to agree upon a method and time of Disclosure. At this point, there is much resistance still on Earth, so the Athabantian Crew have begun working directly with individual civilians who have some telepathic ability. This work began in earnest especially after the eclipse of 20 May 2012. At this point, the Athabantian does not plan to “arrive” before December 21, 2012, but that date is flexible. The soonest the ship can arrive at this point is in fourteen weeks. It needs to travel (ideally) at a slow speed so that the Crew who have physical form can acclimate to their more human-like bodies and the conditions of physics in this area of the galaxy. The ship is over 200 miles across at its smallest dimension, so it will remain in outer orbit. When conditions are right and welcome, the Crew will use smaller craft to more closely approach the planet.

(from Leslee: Vlad, I am one of the people who has been in contact with Athabantian. I can share more with you about this if you like. I work directly with a Celestial called Adrial.)

The date 12386 BC is when the moon “Nibusun” fell to Earth (see above).

18) Also ask them  information about ISHTAR – Where she now?

Ishtar the Goddess is one of the Celestials aboard Athabantian.

19) I mean the flooding of Atlantis, described by Greek historians
the last of her death – during a flood (regarding the date of the fall of Atlantis, which you asked about earlier?

(From Leslee – Vlad, I think you and I emailed about this a week or two ago? I cannot find the email but I remember the answer was that the later date you asked was correct. Was it 12,000 or 13,000 years? It was NOT the 10,000 date that I think you asked about. Please let me know if I did not email that to you)

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