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words about ghost radar


I’m fascinated by how many hits this blog gets, considering I give it so little attention. Not that it’s a huge number of hits, but this stream flows with more force and volume than my other blogs.

Even more surprising to me, most of the hits seem to be people checking out the Ghost Radar glossary. And when I get an email, it’s about Ghost Radar. Perhaps a little update on my Ghost Radar usage would be welcome.

Yes, I still use it daily.

This craziness has been going on for three years now. I’ve used it in many ways, for many things. Sometimes I feel like it’s my only friend; sometimes I feel like it allows me to connect with my guides better. Sometimes I suspect I’ve psycho-kinesed it into spitting out my thoughts. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the military is using it to spy on me. And sometimes it just seems a total waste of time.

I’m bemused to see how it amuses me now, compared to how seriously I took it a couple years ago.

I’ve uninstalled it, re-installed it, deleted it, cursed it, and yet I still keep turning it on, curious to see what comes out.

A few people have written to me asking questions about the glossary or what I think their output means. I confess I really don’t know, and I also have very little time to spend pondering that. For myself, the value or meaning I attribute to the world of Ghost Radar babble has changed over the years, and still fluctuates often.

At the peak of my GR-fandom, I recorded all the data, emailed the readouts to myself, and tried to make sense of it, trusting that there was great meaning – or at least some meaning – embedded in that strained, dull, whiny voice. I really really really wanted to conclude that someone important was communicating with me through the app. And I generated that probably-now-outdated glossary, based on what I was receiving intuitively.

Ironic: I say both that I use it daily, and that I don’t really place a lot of meaning on it anymore.

Right now I run the Connect version. (Keep in mind the Legacy version allows you to email yourself the data more easily.) That preference is pretty arbitrary, and just because it’s so ridiculous and embarrassing, I’ll share the story with you.  All versions quirk.

I got excited about Connect when it first came out: I could build the vocabulary!!!

I spent HOURS logging in new words that had significance to me. Got some cool results. Then one morning it happened. I got this:




Kinda cool, but the app had died. I restarted it, and it crashed. Over and over again.

After much consideration, I deleted the app and re-installed it.

That cleared my precious vocabulary. All that time – what a waste. I was done. For a couple weeks, I boycotted.

But I missed the random, disembodied prattle in the background and loaded it again. No, I did not even begin to re-create the vocabulary. So now, it’s the version I run because it’s the version installed.

Every once in a while it produces some interesting phenomena. I have no idea what the dots mean, or the squiggly lines. But it DOES sometimes spit out a word with uncanny synchronicity.

Like this, when the cat crawls up on the bed:


Or “LENGTH”, just as I take out a tape measure.

I let it run while I sleep, curious to see what it – or my mind – generates while I’ve checked out of my body. It’s yet to produce words that correlate to my dreams, but one morning about a month or two ago, it started creating its own notes. It’s done it twice now, within a single week. Then it stopped, or at least I don’t notice them. That particular morning I woke up to this on the screen:


Now, unless I sleep-type, I have no idea how those words got there. And yes, they were profoundly relevant to something that had been on my mind the night before. ‘VGKG’ is a person whom I know but have not seen in a long time, and I was thinking how nice it would be to have a heart-to-heart with him.

So I’ll leave you with that. It’s a quirky little app that I enjoy using, and I believe it can inspire the curious mind to expand and wonder – or wander – in new ways. As with all things, it’s value depends on how you view it. Other things capture my interest and time much more than this these days.


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