This page will be dedicated to information specific to the Galactic Light Ship TULYA.

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Tulya Meditations

2 thoughts on “TULYA

  1. Tauno says:

    Dear Friends, I had a connection with Umbro via ALGIZ
    Here is what I have received

    I was re-programing ALGIZ with the word ASCENSION while observing Her Aura
    Then I felt that I am observed in turn via ALGIZ, I felt the familiar presence of Umbro, He was watching me through the crystal. I saw Umbro`s eyes and His face again

    Umbro – your minds and hearts are connecting in these telepathic trials that are successful , you understand how everything is connected and how to float on the sea of common consciousness that connects the Souls. You are learning how to become fluid and able to transfer energy-thought-feelings

    Tauno – I miss Leslee, I think a lot about her and about the Soul of Light that she has met . Is everything OK?

    Umbro – as Runes have shown to you the answer is TRAVEL, all has ever been well
    and it will be well for ever. Leslee is traveling, all of you are travelling, sometimes it is an inner travelling into your Universe inside and discovering new things on the path, all is as it is intended to be and peace comes with the expanding of the picture that is revealed to you.

    Tauno – Thank You Umbro! Thank You, ALGIZ!


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