Tulya Meditations

(from Leslee)


globe with energy grid

5 March 2012

Tulya awaits… Tulya… Tulya…

Thank you for coming back.

When I close my eyes and think “Tulya”, I think of connecting with the ship, connecting with the crew members and anyone else who happens to be in that time/space, at that moment.

I see a pod-like form… Out of the blank imagery energy, I see my in my mind’s eye, a very ethereal cube-like form, like a cube of pyrite.

Its facets/sides are a deep gold color, with a mirror-like finish.

From a distance, it looks like smooth planes, like a cube, but as you get closer you see that each surface is made of smaller, tiny surfaces… Like cubes within cubes within cubes… Forming a sort of low relief, like an array of square scales…

Their surfaces are like tiny mirrors, sort of golden colored.

As awareness approaches closer and closer to the surface of the cube, awareness is drawn inside the cube, through the tiny crevices, and I find myself inside the cube, which is hollow.

After passing through a certain thickness, like a shell, like the crust of an earth, it’s as if this cube is a planet, which just happens to be in the shape of a cube instead of a sphere.

It’s almost like a mirror-image of Gaia, with a different form.

It has a shimmery crust, several layers, many layers deep…creating the crust itself… And then once you get inside, space…

And within that space, you lose or forget the perception of the shell that’s enclosing the space. Because you no longer see it, you are only aware of a similar bowl of sky as that which we see on earth…

What I’m getting at this point is that the perception is actually is that of an alternate dimension, or layer, of Gaia…

It’s higher than 5th dimension; it’s 7th dimension. And we’ve moved through the layers of the crust, through the layers that form the surface of the planet, into the interior core, such that it feels like we’re in a completely different universe.

It feels much like we would imagine being out in space, from the viewpoint of the surface of Gaia.

But it’s not a blackness; there’s a soft pervasive light, and it’s never completely dark. At this point in time it’s kind of a dark, midnight blue, and I notice a pod-like form floating in the space.

I’aware that my body becomes enveloped in a shell of light… A soft shell, but it does have some density, it’s not just light… And it’s a little bit outside the surface of my body… it’s quite thin, and it’s not very far… maybe a couple of inches, a few centimeters… like a coating of my body with a beautiful
incandescent glow…

It sort of shimmers from a golden-white-silvery color to a pale violet-blue-silvery color.

I have the sensation that, from my crown, extends a silver umbilical cord… I get the image of a chain. Not as in a bondage, but as in a series of links… And at the end I see a ring… And this assembly of parts (the connection, and the ring) is sort of drawn towards this pod, as if being pulled by an unseen force… very gently… by the ring.

(Soft laughter) I realize as I’m seeing this, that it’s like a version of one of my pendulums… With the ring to hold… the chain that transmits the energy to the crystal, which is at the end of the chain.

And so the visual is that it’s as if my body is turned into a crystal point, connected to a ring which allows me to be drawn to the pod very gently.

Once I get close enough, the imagery of the ring, the connecting chain links, and the crystal, shift and dissolve and I feel as if I’m just freely floating in space.

On one end of the pod there’s a rod, like a metal bar, that seems to be held by some arm-likes tructures that extend from the pod.

The pod does have a very shiny surface: sort of a dark silvery goldish metallic color. The rod itself us more like a dull, silvery metal/white metal finish…

I reach out and place my hands on the bar, and feel like a  gymnast on parallel bars… Reaching out, I take hold of the bars, swinging around, very playfully, creating some circular force motion, centrifugal motion…

As my feet sweep up, I let go of the bar and kind of land into the pod. This happens magically, I can’t explain it visually. I just sort of slip inside..

Once I sense I’m inside, again I’m not aware of being in a particular environment. Once again, this is blue, a deeper blue, like the sky on the surface of earth on a day when there are no clouds… Just that intense blue that extends out to the heavens, a very deep blue. It’s sort of mysterious, but very light-feeling and welcoming.

I have a sense at this point that I no longer am in a physical body; I don’t have an image of a body, just pure awareness…

Figures begin to emerge to my awareness, and I sense first of all a very tall thin figure with male energy, a very beautiful blue color, and darker markings on the skin.

There will be an image that I’ll try to create to portray the image of his face, the hollows of his eyes… There’s a very beautiful peaceful sort of musical feeling about him.

I notice that he’s covered with markings; some are natural skin patterns but some are tattoos… The tattoos I notice in particular on his upper arms and shoulders are like framed borders, lines forming rectangles on the upper parts of his arms. The border looks like very intricate scrollwork, and there’s nothing on his skin inside the frame. I become aware that different images may appear on his skin, inside this frame, at different points in time. It may have to do with his mood, things he’s perceiving or feeling or wanting to communicate.

He does have a voice; it’s a very soft gentle voice, and he tells me that his name is Umbro, I have entered Tulya, and he is what we would call the captain of Tulya.

I reach out, and he lets me touch the border designs on his arm. When I touch him, he doesn’t have to explain, but I get an instantaneous imagery/awareness of how they were created. The tattoos are generatedby a life form that we might call algae, that adheres itself to the surface of the skin and naturally forms a pattern, as it suits the continuum, the energy, the vibration of each person. This is something that happens to each person as they reach a certain age. It’s almost like a ceremony they go through, a rite of passage.

This algae traces itself along the skin, much like you would see crystals of frost, frozen water, forming along a widow as it freezes.

It’s a very beautiful crystalline pattern and it has a very dark green color when it applies to the skin. So it gets onto the skin, creates its pattern, extends, and grows organically. At that point it’s still just a plant form, microscopic or single celled, plant life that’s forming a lattice pattern on a person’s skin.

When the patten is established, the person dives, plunges their body into a special pool filled with a liquid much like a water, but composed of different chemicals and molecules.

But it is clear and liquid, and when this liquid comes in contact with the pattern, I guess the best way to explain is that it becomes a tattoo. It permeates into the skin, becomes part of the skin. It extends into the body, and it represents a connection that’s established between this being’s physical body and another dimension of being, represented by the algae that is such a minute life form….

Each tiny dot of this tattoo is, on another level, the equivalent to the entire being and body of the person that it’s been attached to.

So I get that there a sort of fractal nature of bodies within bodies within bodies, all nested… and it’s a very happy, beautiful, peaceful, symbiotic relationship.

The arrival of the tattoo is a very welcome thing, and when it happens to a person, it also sets up a sort of circuitry within their body, that allows them to connect with other dimensions more easily.

So each of the crew members that I will meet will have some variation of this form of tattoo. The most prominent feature of Umbro’s tattoos are these sort of rectangular frames that seem to be etched on his upper arms.

I ask Umbro how many crew members there are, in Tulya at the moment, and he says 8. I realize that by visiting, we become crew members during the length of time that we’re there.

I get a vision of myself like a little round bubble, with tiny little hands and feet and head poking out. I’m sort of a purplish-magenta color. I’ll try I draw that as well.

So we have a bit of a laugh over that. It’s a very friendly welcoming feeling, like meeting an old friend, and checking out the place where they’re living right now, and not really needing to say many words.

There’s just a very deep knowing and telepathy and comfort and ease with being together.

I understand that this is enough for the first visit, my first visit to Tulya, and that I will in later visits meet the other crew members and share other experiences, which may be dramatically different. I understand that the appearance of the cube and the pod are likely to remain consistent, but the appearances of the worlds that I perceive, once I pass through the shell of the cube, and then again once I pass through the shell of Tulya, these worlds may be quite different. The beings I meet might have a different appearance. In other words, Umbro might look differently next time…

We have countless aspects of our own beings, each of us. This vision imagery that I see of Umbro now allows me to make the connection and the understanding of the process by which in this form of beings attains maturity and establishes connections very deeply within themselves. This guides them and helps create a sense of harmony.

At this point, the imagery begins to fade, so I know the visit is ending for now.

I have a sense in the meditation of my inner eyes closing, and I’m once again surrounded by the crystalline shell of white light, with a soft purplish violet blue aura to it.

That light pervades and any sense of scale or physicality dissolves, so the pod had dissolved.

I feel gently drawn backwards, out through the shell of the cube, which dissolves as I pass through. Then I find myself once again with a very spacious feeling, and gradually my awareness returns to this physical body, in this meditation, at this point in time.

I thank Umbro, and the others aboard Tulya, for allowing me to visit and showing me many wonderful things. And with this very peaceful feeling of gratitude, I arise from the meditation.

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