Before Thinkful, Fiona worked as a Quality Control Analyst in biochemical  engineering. After a few years, she decided to take her career in a new  direction — one that would marry her passion for design and  problem-solving. She chose UX Design for its hands-on, systematic approach to teaching. Fiona is  now a Product Designer for an e-learning company! See how Thinkful offered Fiona a great opportunity for her to jump start her career.

Tell us: what were you doing before Thinkful?

I had a background in Biochemical Engineering and worked as a QC Analyst for several years.

What made you enroll at Thinkful?

I  held a passion for design and problem-solving, and UX was the marriage  of the two. I wanted to learn UX design systematically, and to apply the  knowledge with hands-on practice. But since I had no proven experience  in design, it was hard to find the right school program. Thinkful's well-designed curriculum helps people who love UX design make the transition  into the industry. Most importantly, you receive support from a  community of mentors and mentees, which was the essence of the program  and the main reason why I chose Thinkful.

How did Thinkful impact your career and life?

Having  the chance to work with a team of talented designers who hold learner  success, passion, creativity, and collaboration as core values, was a  dream to me. Thinkful was a great opportunity to jumpstart my career in the  design industry, absorb information like a sponge, and push my  boundaries.

I  believe there are thousands of ways to get to Rome, but attending Thinkful was like having a beacon guiding me without any detours. I was equipped  me with the right gears and mindset to go further on my journey of  becoming a UX professional.

What was your favorite part of the curriculum?

The  feedback I received from all the mentors was the best part —  assignments, questions on Slack, assessments, design critiques. My  mentors gave me the best support on my journey. Their patience and  encouragement are invaluable for someone who lacked confidence.

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