If you’re in the tech industry or want to pursue a career in it, you have plenty of options to develop your skills -including coding bootcamps. Bootcamps have transformed lives, but that’s not the only reason students love them.

Here are 15 undeniable reasons to love coding bootcamps.

Money Matters

Compared to the traditional degree, the coding Bootcamp is cost-effective and worth it. According to Course Report, some computer science degree programs can be triple or quadruple the cost of a bootcamp in one academic year. Bootcamp students can also take advantage of payment options like pay upfront, month-to-month or deferred tuition.

Time Considerations

Compared to getting a degree in 2-4 years, students can complete a coding bootcamp in a matter of weeks. This is a key benefit if you want to achieve skill and education credentials faster.

Salary Boost

People can turn to bootcamps to help them earn a salary increase. Course Report says bootcamp students can earn a good salary (between $65,000 - $69,000) in their first job, which can increase over time.

“As bootcamp grads progress in their careers, salaries rise as well. In this latest survey, we found that in their second jobs, bootcamp graduates earn $80,943 per year, and by their third jobs, alumni report earning, on average, $99,229 per year!”

People Skills

The coding bootcamps model includes group projects that help the students to develop the communication skills to share ideas and find solutions. Students also collaborate and work together to reach the goal. Communication can be an essential skill in the field of software development.

Community Growth

Coding bootcamps help the students build and grow their community by attending tech events organized by the campus. They also help the students to expand their network within the class, administrators, mentors, and instructors.

Career Change

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It’s not uncommon for a bootcamp to provide the first step in a career change – even if the student is from a completely different industry! For example, if a student who is working in Salesforce has an interest in the field of UX design, coding bootcamps help develop their skills in UX. Yet, we’ve seen bootcamp student stories like these :

A personal trainer become a web developer
An English Teacher become a programmer
A brewer become a web designer
A ski instructor become a web engineer
A truck driver become a UX designer
A bartender become a full-stack developer
A retail worker enters UX design
An insurance claims worker become a JavaScript Engineer

Learning Flexibility

Coding bootcamps provide opportunities to learn on a flexible schedule. This is a great benefit to people who have other commitments or professionals who are working. Thinkful students can choose part-time or full-time courses.

Job Choices

Coding bootcamp graduate students work with others in building an application or as full-stack developers. Coding bootcamps provide students with vast opportunities to work in corporations, mid-size companies, and startups as freelancers or employees.

Coding Skills

How could we forget one of the coolest reasons to love a coding bootcamp – learning to code! Not to mention you learn to code through practical experience. The coursework includes lab practice, preparing for certification, the final project, practical experience, and real-world simulations. Plus, you can get support from teachers and mentors.

Career Guidance

Once students graduate from the coding bootcamp, they can often get support and career services. Career support can include helping prepare for an interview, job search, and more.

Portfolio Development

A coding bootcamp can be a great start or significant addition to a skill and experience portfolio. This includes individual and group projects based on modern technologies and programming languages.

Learning Focus

Coding bootcamps focus on practical learning. The modules are created to help students learn a specific skill. The coding bootcamps are categorized into several areas of focus based on requirements. For example:

Machine learning
UX designer

Mentor Support

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Mentors provide invaluable support in an intensive and accelerated bootcamp. Our students often tell us how much they love our bootcamp mentors. Not every learning program out there provides that type of personal support.

Remote Work

Many companies that shifted to remote work due to COVID-19 continue the trend. Students can gain remote expertise through the virtual experience of online coding bootcamps.

Success Stories

Bootcamps can provide a path to success, but the students are the ones who make it happen. Obviously, students love to experience their very own success stories after attending a coding bootcamp, but the truth is – we love it too. The different ways bootcamp students go on to achieve great things is one of the benefits of being in this industry.

If we can answer any questions about having a bootcamp empower your next success story, contact us today.

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