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4.6 / 5

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At Codeworks you learn how to be a great software engineer, and build solid products, with an advanced understanding of JavaScript. The school offers several campuses across the world. Students can attend classes in-person or remotely. At the end of the course you will be able to make entire applications, and contribute to coding projects of any size. Whether you want to fund your own startup, or join top companies engineering departments, this program gives you the right tools to succeed.

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Codeworks programs

Programs Cities Duration Cost
Program: Software Engineering Immersive Cities: Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Remote, Toronto Duration: 12 weeks Cost: from $ 8,500 to $ 13,800 (depending on location)

Our flagship course, and the most complete way to get your engineering career started. Throughout the 12 weeks you learn all the skills of a professional programmer and get to build 3 projects of growing complexity. The course includes 1 week of career orientation, interview training, and introduction to hiring partners. At the end of the program you’re able to make entire applications, and contribute to coding projects of any size. You will learn strong Software Engineering patterns, and understand how to work productively in team with other engineers. For more info, please check:

Program: Web Development Immersive Cities: Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Remote, Toronto Duration: 8 weeks Cost: from $ 5,700 to $ 9,200 (depending on location)

This program gives you the preparation to become a solid web programmer. Throughout the 8 weeks you learn all the fundamentals of functional programming and get to build 1 personal project. The course includes 2 days of career orientation, interview training, and introduction to hiring partners. At the end of the program you’re able to build full-stack applications and understand advanced coding topics. This is our shortest course and the fastest way to get your developer career kickstarted. For more info, please check:

Codeworks reviews

4.6 / 5

10 reviews

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  • Anon's review

    Applied for this course and got accepted, all throughout the process was getting emails trying to get me to pay in full when I told them I still wanted to pay once I got a job I was told they made new changes to their policies and I was no longer eligible to take part. This was after the JS pre-course, admissions interview, tech interview and the project I spent so much time on over the holidays. Very disappointed in the manner in which they treated me. I suggest finding a course that has it together and will be upfront with you from the beginning. I do not recommend! Also if you do decide to waste your time I would advise waiting until they have up to date statistics about job placement as they don't have those statistics for the remote course online.

    Answered by Anon on January 18th, 2021

  • Olga Shirokova's review

    I came to Codeworks to learn coding and apply it in future start-up development, but I didn't expect anything that happened in the following 3 months. The program is incredibly intense and makes you give the best of yourself every single day, it requires perseverance and self-discipline to go beyond your personal limits, to go out of your comfort zone and to reach new levels. Codeworks is not an easy course, but its one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. At the end of the 3 months you realize that you are doing thing that you were even afraid to imagine before starting and that you are fully able to implement amazing projects yourself. Another very relevant thing that is given to you by Codeworks is the ability to get used to fast and intense learning, which gives you the capacity to pick up quickly any new tool, framework and even programming language after the course itself. Apart from the content of the course it has two other components that make your experience in the bootcamp so outstanding: the people and the atmosphere. The people who you meet at Codeworks are exceptional professionals, developers, entrepreneurs and leaders. They inspire you to go forward every day and most importantly thay become your true friends who support you and make you laugh even on the toughest day when every line of code that you write breaks. They are also the ones who make the atmosphere in the bootcamp so friendly, informal and comfortable, that makes you want to stay longer and enjoy all the time spent at their amazing office. Long story short: it is an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to not only learn coding and become a full stack developer capable of almost anything, but also to make friends, achieve new horizons and live 3 amazing life changing months in Barcelona. Codeworks is the place to be!

    Answered by Olga Shirokova on October 31st, 2017

  • Xavier's review

    I was on my first year of University studying Computer Science, working part time and already with another degree, when I decided that I didn’t want to spend the next 4-5 years studying and working in some job that I wasn’t enjoying. I found Codeworks and it is exactly what I needed, a 3 month immersive course where I could learn how to code properly and convert ideas that I had into actual projects.

    Answered by Xavier on October 30th, 2017

  • JC Garcia's review

    As most of the students before taking the big decision I was skeptic about joining Codeworks. Now I can say I was very lucky that I did it. Not only changed my professional career but also I met new friends, and granted me access to a vast network of tech companies and possibilities. Right now I'm working remotely as Software developer for a company which was the goal when I started. I also have to say that it's not easy, you have to give your 100% and more during 3 months. Leave everything behind and prepare for being pushed as never before. School is monday to saturday from 9 to 21h, but most of us stayed longer or arrived earlier, there are so many things to do that time goes faster than any of us can imagine. Also the instructors where amazing, and very professional, years of experience to our service. If I have to say what was the best, I'd say that working in a professional environment, developing real projects using the tools that you'll use in a your next job. So don't doubt it, apply and work hard to get in!!

    Answered by JC Garcia on October 16th, 2017

  • Salmane's review

    Codeworks is a life changing experience. It’s not only a course, it’s a family and a network of gifted/talented people. The bootcamp is very demanding and helps you reach limits of yourself you couldn’t imagine. You can discuss with the teachers about everything… like some kind of app you want to create and they can guide you. Arol is the mentor that you might spend a lot of time with and probably one of the best programmer you’ll meet in your life. We had so many great time and his knowledge is kinda infinite :D Weeks before the end of the bootcamp they start helping you on finding a job (if you are not willing to create your startup, if so they also help you that way). To be honest right now most of the students found something before the end of the bootcamp, and the max right now was 2 weeks after the end. Your teammates are also very talented people… Before the bootcamp : make sure to do the pre-course with attention, it doesn’t get easier after lol. It will help you a lot during the algorithm part at the beginning. During the bootcamp : just make sure to finish every sprint on time, follow the planning and be sure to finish the task before sleeping. You still have sunday to catch up but every delay can be risky. Invest yourself 200%! Ask as many questions as you want to the instructors, sometimes they won’t answer you because they want you to find by yourself, and its the best way to learn, the answer will be printed in your mind if you find it by yourself. About the concurrence i’ll be honest : all the other bootcamps are just a way to discover programming, at the end you dont even know the other possible frameworks etc. I’m pretty sure students in other bootcamp in barcelona at the end of the course won’t even be able to do the pre-course for codeworks on their own, and that’s true for a lot of other bootcamps in europe. Only in the junior part (6 first weeks) we learn how to use : node.js/express/koa/polymer/angular/react/meteor and a bit of python/c++/ruby, for the databases : redis/mongodb/mongoose/mySQLand thats just the headlines. You learn them and after you are able to choose which one fits you the most according to your project. During the senior part (6 last weeks), you apply what you've learnt and you create 3 apps ! The last one is a complete MVP with all your team. I learnt how to pair program thanks to codeworks and is very powerful experience ( and thats how they do in the best IT companies such as twitter etc). My choice was either Codeworks or HackReactor, both of them makes you a king if you invest yourself and your energy at 200% during 3months. I choosed codeworks because i wanted to be in a small team (not a big size bootcamp), be able to ask questions as much as i want, i also wanted to be able to come back in my hometown during the week break (week 7) and because the lifestyle in Barcelona is completely booming! Codeworks is worth the invest !

    Answered by Salmane on October 8th, 2017

  • Don's review

    Before applying to Codeworks I interviewed five different bootcamps. Yes, I interviewed them, five of them. When provided with my set list of questions Alessandro (co-founder and CEO) replied with all the right answers. The experience I was looking for was to learn, work, and live as a Software Engineer/Developer. Codeworks delivered! I can now confidently say that I am a Software Developer.

    Answered by Don on October 6th, 2017

  • Angelica's review

    Background: I'm 27 studied Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. My interest in coding began as I worked in international trade, an industry reliant on government legacy systems which has been slow to adapt new technologies. Codeworks offered a very intensive curriculum that was very practical in nature. By the end of the course, we completed building 3 applications & I fell like I have developed a complete toolkit to be able to progress my knowledge outside of the course. Prior to attending the course, I worked through online tutorials and coding challenges, but it was the course and mentorship that tied everything together so I could actually build something.

    Answered by Angelica on October 5th, 2017

  • Alex Sicart Ramos's review

    A bit of history, my name is Alex Sicart & I'm 18 years old. Before joining Codeworks, I founded 7 tech companies(Sharge, Student's Manager...), for that reason Forbes included me to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Class of 2017, for being one of Europe’s most promising young game-changers. After this period, I saw that everything in the startup world, solidity (ethereum programming language) was moving forward Javascript. I used to do stuff with Java, Swift, and I saw that there is a thousand frameworks in JS, so that will be better to receive mentorship. Codeworks Is That, mentorship, A Way. Very proud to do the Codeworks course, now I feel capable to build anything I have in my crazy mind, and after Codeworks I become advisor of Internxt (blockchain startup) and Forbes included me in the Forbes Spain Class of 2017.

    Answered by Alex Sicart Ramos on September 30th, 2017

  • Rod's review

    The instructors at Codeworks have an impressive mastery of Javascript and programming in general. Their teaching methods are effective, particularly when they live-code examples and solutions to exercises and articulate their thought processes while coding. It helped to see elegant, efficient code that demonstrated industry best practices. They’d give students the opportunity to live-code as well, which I thought was a good exercise for all of us. For the first few weeks of the term, we had daily timed programming exercises first thing each morning, which tested what we had covered the previous day. I thought those were a good way for us to retain and apply learned concepts. It's definitely an intense and exhausting schedule, but it amazes me how much we managed to cover. It often felt like we didn't have enough time for concepts to sink in, but over time, after working through exercises, things eventually start to click. Otherwise, students took extra time to watch videos or go thru tutorials online to supplement what was given in class lectures. In spite of our schedule, we did participate in regular meet-ups and tech events that the school hosted. I enjoyed attending these events since they provided great networking opportunities within the Barcelona tech community. Overall, I feel my time at Codeworks was worth the money and sacrifice. I leveled up my JS dev skills, and now have hands-on experience using the latest tools and frameworks that are in high demand across the industry. I highly recommend the program to anyone else wanting to do the same.

    Answered by Rod on September 26th, 2017

  • Jean-Marie's review

    Word of warning: if you want to join Codeworks because you want to sightsee Barcelona, look elsewhere. The intensity of this course is BRUTAL. Me and most fellow students thought that the "6 days per week, 12 hours per day" advertised on their website was probably marketing speak. Well we were in for a surprise! Not only did we follow this schedule, we also usually stayed longer (usually one hour more, sometimes several) and came on Sundays to make sure we finished the exercises and were ready for the weekly assessments. There is no "work/life balance" concept in Codeworks, your life has to become work otherwise you will fall behind. If like me you have a family and your spouse is not self-reliant, you're going to have a hard time. But if your personality type is "whatever it takes" and you *do* dedicate yourself 100% to this course for 3 whole months, you will become a GREAT developer. Most students didn't have a programming background before the precourse, but at the end of the bootcamp they can teach you about down-to-earth JavaScript concepts (redux stores, context, ...) as well as Computer Science concepts (data structures, algorithm complexity, database structures). JavaScript has a bad rap because of the hordes of self-called "developers" (aka one-trick ponies). Brilliant JavaScript developers are hard to come by; brilliant developers that can teach are a lot rarer. But brilliant developers that can not only teach but also *mentor* (which is what you should be looking for when joining a bootcamp) are like unicorns. And you will find TWO of them in Codeworks. I'm not too keen on relocating for a job because of my family, so I've looking for jobs in my area, even though it's quite small (french part of Switzerland). But before the end of the final week, one of the cofounders of the bootcamp had prepared a list of 10 job offers for me to apply. I finished less than a week ago, and I've already started interviewing for 3 positions (frontend and fullstack) less than 5km away from my place, and every day I've got new contact requests from recruiters on LinkedIn. It's also the first time I can look at a job offer and say "Yep, I actually match ALL of the requirements on that job offer" (and I'm 38 years old btw so I've seen more than a couple)

    Answered by Jean-Marie on September 25th, 2017

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Does anyone have an experience from Codeworks London course or/and online course, if so, would you be happy to share it?

Posted by Gosia on September 8th, 2020


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What is the remote option like

Posted by on July 1st, 2020


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Posted by BkpRopYZ on May 8th, 2020


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I want to know if anyone has taken the remote learning package. Who love to know how it is and if it applies to international students.

Posted by Johnkennedy on January 19th, 2020


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Hey. Could you say about your Codeworks experience, rate instructors and usability of skills you got? What kind of career service are offered to graduates?

Posted by Andrew on October 12th, 2016


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