For years, business publications like Forbes and Business Insider have published stories about America’s upcoming tech hubs. Historically, these lists have skipped over Detroit, unaware of the city’s burgeoning mobility tech industry. Thankfully, the country is starting to acknowledge what residents of the Motor City have known for years: Detroit is America’s newest tech hub. The city's technology sector is growing, yet companies are having a tricky time finding enough talent to fill open positions.

The Detroit Tech Skills Gap and Job Market

Detroit's tech leaders are bullish – 80% of tech business owners believe that the city can become the next major tech hub in 2019. However, that comes with a caveat: the city has a shortage of skilled professionals. In January 2019, over 8,000 Detroit tech industry jobs went unfilled. Among the roles with skills shortages in Detroit, web development and design jobs are among the top 10.

While the skills gap is creating headaches for employers, it can be great for prospective techies and software developers. For example, high unmet demand usually leads to high salaries. It’s not surprise then that the average salary for a Detroit Software Engineer is $81k.

Below you can find a list of large corporations and tech startups in Detroit hiring tech talent. These companies are hiring for roles like Full Stack, Back End, Front End, DevOps, and Mobile Engineers, and desire talent with programming language skills like JavaScript, Java, Python, HTML, and CSS.

Companies Hiring Tech Talent in Detroit:

You can find more Detroit tech and startup jobs on websites like AngelList.

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