The demand for professionals in the tech industry isn’t expected to slow down in 2023. In fact, according to a recent report, the ongoing development of IT skills will play a significant role in next year’s job market. Here are some of the key IT specializations we expect to be relevant in the 2023 IT job market.

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Machine Learning
Machine learning contains algorithms that analyze data in order to provide intelligent decisions. The algorithm requires human and domain expertise support. Statistics are used by machine learning to determine the patterns in words, numbers, and images.

Data Science
The term data science refers to studying data in large volumes. It is blended with algorithms, tools and principles of machine learning to extract information from unstructured or structured data using analysis, business and programming skills. Data science is also used to optimize, scale, and measure the data. As data scientists continue to be in high demand, data science certifications are a popular way for professionals to develop or hone their skills.

Python is used to develop data analysis, the internet of things, machine learning, and website development. Python is also used in video games and mobile devices, and top companies like Google, Netflix and others use it. Flask/Django are the popular frameworks to learn. Django is a framework of full-stack web used to develop complex and large web applications, and Flask is an extensible and lightweight framework.

Web development
In web development, the cloud source Angular Web development framework is used to create web applications for clients. They’re created using Typescript, and the scripting language AngularJS denotes the front-end framework that is java based. Aspiring web developers need to learn React JS to develop JaveScript skills to create interactive web pages.

Cyber security

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The rapid change of digital transformation coupled with increasing data growth creates new threats to networks, systems, devices and programs from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity will be a hot trend in 2023 as companies work harder to protect their data.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence enables machines to interact with humans. In fact, machine learning is a subset of AI. In 2023, AI is expected to play a significant role in streaming, tech, gaming, media and telecom industries.

Blockchain is related to distributed databases and is also referred to as a digital ledger. In a blockchain, the information is formatted digitally into blocks or clusters and is mainly used to permanently and securely record data in a transaction. You will hear blockchain come up frequently in bitcoin and cryptocurrency circles.

Spring Boot and Java
Spring is an open-source framework utilized in enterprise-level applications. The springs in Java and Spring Boot are different as the applications developed using Spring are executed in an external servlet or server like Apache Tomcat.

Edge Computing
Cloud computing is currently regarded as a mainstream technology on par with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. In order to aid with some of the issues associated with transferring data to a data center for processing and cloud computing, edge computing was created. In remote areas that are not linked to the centralized site, it’s utilized to process time-sensitive data. Edge computing can function like tiny data centers in this situation.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation is used to automate tasks like processing transactions, interpreting applications and replying to emails.

As the IT industry continues to expand and increase the need for talented professionals, there are more opportunities to build your skills, including by enrolling in coding boot camps. They are a great way to provide hands-on experience as you learn, and you’re provided with the support of our bootcamp mentors. Let us know if we can help you enhance your career in 2023.

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